Netflix releases trailer for challenger: The Last Flight.

The tragedy of the space shuttle Challenger, which killed seven astronauts, has become a major setback in the cause of human space exploration. The life of a member of the aerospace team, including Teacher Christa McAuliffe and six others, was forever fixed on the cold day of January 1986. On Wednesday, Netflix, the streaming video-on-demand platform, released a trailer for the Challenger series, pulling viewers’ minds back decades.

Netflix releases trailer for challenger: The Last Flight.

Alison Smith Balch, daughter of Challenger pilot Michael J. Smith, tearfully recalls the harrowing history in Netflix’s new “Challenger: The Last Flight” episode.

The story begins at the space shuttle launch site in January 1986, when Michael J. Smith, Francis R. Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis and teacher Christa McAuliffe had a fateful moment.

After 73 seconds of flight, the space shuttle Challenger suffered irreversible damage that eventually led to the tragic fall of all team members. The launch was also broadcast live in classrooms at many U.S. schools, and the bombing left children with indelible memories.

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In the Netflix-produced episode, the crew interviewed family members of the Challenger team, investigated the wrong decisions and fatal mechanical failures that led to the explosion, and delved into NASA officials and engineers.

The engineers have studied the faulty booster engine and have repeatedly expressed concern about its safety. In addition, the series contains unprecedented interviews, training videos, and rare archival material.

Finally, the show, produced by JJ Abrams and Glen Zipper, will premiere on Netflix on September 16.