Google’s former CEO approves U.S. government leadership: Causing Americans ‘unnecessary deaths’

Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive, on September 1st attacked the U.S. government for its “weak leadership” in responding to the new pneumonia outbreak, causing many “unnecessary deaths,” while warning of more serious consequences unless the U.S. government and the public take larger action to deal with the outbreak, CNN reported on Sept. 1.

Eric Schmidt, who served as Google’s chief executive from 2001 to 2011, said in an interview that the federal government was “confused” when the outbreak came. At the same time, U.S. governments at all levels have been slow to respond to the outbreak, not calling on people to wear masks and keep social distance, resulting in people having to judge the situation and choose how to respond to the outbreak, which has caused many Americans “unnecessary death.”

Google's former CEO approves U.S. government leadership: Causing Americans 'unnecessary deaths'

Eric Schmidt also said in the interview, because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the U.S. economy, education, health care, sports and other fields have been seriously affected, unless the United States to pay more attention to the outbreak, people consciously wear masks and away from densely populated areas, the U.S. epidemic will continue for a long time, and even into next summer.