Microsoft releases an update to the Office app’s interface on Windows 10.

The Office app available on Windows 10 is more like a launcher that provides access to documents you’ve worked on recently, and also gives you shortcuts to available productivity apps. In other words, it’s more like a central Office center, but as an app launcher, it’s designed to make running Office apps as convenient as possible.

And today Microsoft released an update to make the whole thing easier, thanks to a new vertical app launch bar that can be used on the home screen of the Office app.

While this update isn’t a major makeover of the app, it’s ultimately an update that makes the Office app itself easier to use. And given that Office has become one of the main tools for office workers around the world to work from home in these difficult times, every update that improves the app experience is welcome.

Windows 10’s Office app is available to everyone, even if you don’t have an Office 365 subscription. This Office app is used with any version of Office or even the free version of Office Online. For anyone who’s ever used, the experience can be familiar, and users can find quick access to all their Office apps and documents. However, we make the experience better by bringing it into the form of an application.

Now, in addition to the Web app on Office Online, if you have an Office desktop app installed on your device, you can also access the Office desktop app, access files stored on your local device in addition to OneDrive and SharePoint, and use it when you’re working offline. Microsoft explained this when it launched the app last year.

The new interface retrofit is now being rolled out in stages, allowing users to download and install updates through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft releases an update to the Office app's interface on Windows 10.