NVIDIA Releases RTX 30 Series Graphics AMD Congratulations: Can’t Wait to See Radioon.

NVIDIA yesterday released rtX 30 series graphics card, performance doubled not to say, the price also pulled down, 3899 yuan RTX 3070 can overturn rtX 2080S graphics card, the price is amazing. AmD may be under more pressure after the release of the RTX 30 series of graphics cards, but Frank Azor, chief architect of AMD’s gaming division and founder of alien brands, was generous, tweeting congratulations on NVIDIA’s new card launch.

NVIDIA Releases RTX 30 Series Graphics AMD Congratulations: Can't Wait to See Radioon.

Frank Azor says NVIDIA’s graphics release yesterday was good, with AMD’s latest Rye Dragon CPU (in this regard, PCIe 4.0).

But Frank Azor has something to say, and then refers to his Radioon department, saying he can’t wait to show you what the Radeon team is developing.

Apparently, Frank Azor’s Radeon team is working on the big Navi family graphics card for the RNDA2 architecture, and this year AMD and NVIDIA have launched a new generation of architectural graphics cards.

After the release of the RTX 30 series graphics card, AMD’s RDNA2 graphics card is a real concern, especially if the RTX 30 series graphics card performance doubles and the price is reduced, RDNA2 is impossible without pressure.

Based on previous leaks, the RDNA2 flagship card is the RTX 3080 graphics card, the highest performance is still held by NVIDIA.

But RDNA2 secrecy is too good, there is no authoritative and reliable information leak, perhaps as Frank Azor suggests, the surprise is still behind, can only wait to see.