Google tells EU over new law: Control of tech industry should not be “one size fits all”

Google on Thursday called on the European Union not to use a “one size fits all” approach to controlling the technology industry, according to reports that the European Union is about to introduce the Digital Services Act. For data-sharing and digital markets, the European Union is drafting a new bill that would also increase competition; The EU has launched a public consultation on the new bill, which ends on 8 September.

What rules and regulations should the online platform abide by and what kind of responsibilities should it have? Google wants a clearer definition from EU lawmakers. Google also says that while identifying illegal content is important, forcing it to achieve its goals through technology can be too much of an obstacle to free speech and access to information in Europe.

Google also recommended that the EU update its rules to develop a step-by-step approach to liability exemptions. Google says services such as YouTube should indeed quickly remove illegal content or block users from accessing it, but companies may be forced to pursue speed and put speed ahead of prudent decision-making.

In addition, Google believes that the new rules should encourage companies to introduce new features and products, so that companies strive to improve features and products to help European consumers do what they want to do faster, European companies are eager to recover from the global pandemic, hoping that the new rules do not bring unnecessary costs and burdens to European companies.