Tesla’s batteries have been challenged: the vehicle’s range does not reach the product’s advertising.

Gordon Johnson, the famous Tesla short man, reportedly had a live debate with Tesla Daily’s Rob Maurer on September 3. Mr. Johnson is clearly skeptical of Tesla and its electric cars and has given a target price of $19. His most controversial argument during the debate was that Tesla had no advantage in battery technology and that product promotions about range were misleading.

Johnson’s argument is based on the logic that Tesla’s battery, made in the Panasonic, LG Chemical and Ningde eras, is actually available to any automaker. However, Maurer retorts that if any car manufacturer can use these batteries, then their vehicle range can’t be compared to Tesla’s.

Tesla's batteries have been challenged: the vehicle's range does not reach the product's advertising.

Johnson’s reasoning is simple: Tesla’s advantages don’t exist. “There have been a lot of reports that if you do test Tesla’s cars, the range is much smaller than the company’s advertising,” he said. The Washington Post, for example, has a story like this. “

Tesla’s cars are widely believed to have a much larger range than their competitors on the market. Model S currently has the highest electric vehicle range assessment of 402 miles, as given by the regulator EPA. Given that Tesla has sold more than a million cars, it’s hard to imagine the company concocting ranges to sell more cars.

Although other automakers, such as Lucid, have received better EPA mileage assessments than Model S, these cars are not yet available. Lucid Air recently received a range assessment of 517 miles, but the car’s release date is not until September 9.

Johnson, however, said: “When you drive out and actually test these cars, you can see that the range is not what it looks like.” “

Although the EPA’s estimate of vehicle range is subject to certain conditions and is not exactly the same as the real driving environment, it is relatively accurate in terms of the number of range miles a vehicle owner can earn per charge. During the evaluation, the EPA requires the vehicle to travel at different speeds and turns on other power-consuming functions such as air conditioning. In addition, owners have proven that Tesla can actually reach the desired range, and sometimes even exceed it. Tests by Model S owner Sean Mitchell have shown that Tesla’s flagship model has achieved better range than expected.