“Microsoft Flight Simulation” players more than 1 million people flying more than 1 billion miles.

Microsoft is proud to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulation has successfully surpassed 1 million players since its recent launch and is the first ever PC-side XGP game. Microsoft Flight Simulation, released on August 18, 2020, debuted on the PC-side Xbox Game Pass, Steam and Windows 10 Market.

Microsoft said on its official website:

Thanks to the support of fans, pilots, flight enthusiasts and virtual travelers in our community, we have more than 1 million unique players in the sky. In addition, Microsoft Flight Simulation is the largest game launch in the history of the PC-side Xbox Game Pass. On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank all the fans who have begun to explore the world and the charm of flying with us.

It’s good to see how the community reacts to Microsoft Flight Simulation, which has so far more than 26 million flights and more than 1 billion miles — the equivalent of 40,000 trips around the world. Tell me how to accumulate those miles!

During this 1 billion-mile flight, we are pleased to see the flight simulation community enjoy simulators and help improve the experience through continuous feedback, while welcoming and training new simulated pilots.