Lenovo Releases Thinkplus USB-C Laptop Mobile Power: 14000mAh 50W

Lenovo’s brand thinkplus today has a new USB-C notebook mobile power supply on the shelf, for ThinkPad notebook users is a very noteworthy product, it provides 14000mAh battery capacity (basically equivalent to adding an extra notebook battery), compatible with PD2.0 and QC2.0/3.0 charging devices and support PE1.0, AFC, FCP, BC1.2, DCP, Apple 2.4A and other fast charging protocols.

When using USB-C or square-port adapter output, up to 50W of power is available, and there is no problem with side charging for ThinkPad products with low-voltage processors. In addition, the thinkplus USB-C laptop mobile power supply also contains two USB-A interfaces, which can be widely down-compatible to charge tablet phone products without USB-C interfaces.

Access the purchase link:

thinkplus USB-C notebook mobile power

According to Lenovo, the internal core of the new mobile power supply uses BMW electric vehicle battery technology, with input and output overcurrent, overvoltage / underpressure, overheating, short-circuit protection and other multi-protection functions.

Lenovo thinkplus USB-C notebook mobile power new products on sale, 14000mAh capacity, three-mouth output total up to 50W power, price of 399 yuan parcel, booking purchase price of only 299 yuan, November 1, the sale, ThinkPad users to be ready for favorites.

联想发布thinkplus USB-C笔记本移动电源:14000mAh 50W

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