Tesla: The PingDuo Duo subsidy itself is nothing but breaking the rules.

Tesla’s “hard bar” PingDuo Duo doesn’t seem to have subsidised, and today Tesla’s vice president of foreign affairs, Tau Lin, commented on Twitter that “companies can’t be right to expand market share and influence, explore new business models, and subsidize consumers, but only if they don’t wantonly break market rules, mislead and kidnap consumers.” “

Tao Lin also said that respect for market rules is the basis for the maturity and sustainable development of a business society.

Tesla: The PingDuo Duo subsidy itself is nothing but breaking the rules.

Tao Lin’s comment was made in response to the Economic Daily article “Why is Tesla “hard-baring” PingDuoDuo, which says, “PingDuo pays consumer subsidies out of his own pocket, how many businesses can’t ask for it, why is Tesla not only unconcered, but also so awkward?” Tesla’s battle with PingDuo Duo is essentially a product-channel game, the article said. and said.

This time PingDuoDuo in the absence of cooperation with Tesla, commissioned sales, bypassed Tesla, to “people group” low-cost car purchase as a gimmick, so that consumers in a feverish state to “fight” “grab”, but ultimately failed to ensure that “payment on delivery”, which violates the principle of business integrity.

On July 21st, the chain’s car-selling platform, Yi Buy, launched a Tesla Model 3 group purchase on the PingDuo Duo platform for 251,800 yuan, while the official guide price was 291,800 yuan.

As of 18:30 on the 22nd, the page shows that the number of participants in the event has reached 37,000. Tesla later said in a statement on its official microblog that it had not cooperated with Yi Buy or PingDuoDuo on the group purchase, had not had any form of commissioned sales service with Yi buy car or PingDuoDuo, and had not sold any of the company’s production vehicles to Yi Buy or PingDuoDuo about the group purchase.

On August 14th it was reported that Tesla had refused to deliver the Model 3 to the owner of the PingDuo Duo group, an activity that Tesla’s delivery commissioner said did not comply with Tesla’s delivery policy.

Tesla China said it had publicly stated through multiple channels that Tesla’s official website was the only regular source of purchases for new cars and had never commissioned other platforms or merchants to conduct sales. Tesla’s car purchase agreement with the customer also makes it clear that the company has the right to unilaterally terminate any order involving resold.

In the evening, PingDuoDuo “second spelling” business group, said that from this consumer has confirmed that the vehicle is the consumer himself and Tesla signed an order agreement, the consumer himself and without any desire and intention to resold, his car purchase did not have any “malicious.”

Mr LeFour said it regretted Tesla’s refusal to honour its contract with consumers as a “subsidy” party, supported consumers’ legal rights and would actively implement vehicle delivery.

In the days that followed, the two sides argued, and eventually, consumers used the identity of their immediate family members to buy new cars in other cities and get subsidies.