The Eye satellite directly measures the universe’s strongest magnetic field.

The strongest magnetic field in the universe is coming! 4, reporters from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was informed that the HXMT satellite team through the X-ray absorption pulsar GRO J008-57 detailed observation, using direct measurement methods to obtain the pulsar surface magnetic field strength of about 1 billion Tesla, which is by far the most direct and very reliable measurement of the universe’s strongest magnetic field. The findings were published in the international astronomical journal Astrophysical Journal Communications.

In August 2017, using China’s first X-ray astronomical satellite, Hui-eye, researchers made detailed observations of an outbreak of the X-ray accumulation pulsar GRO J1008-57, and for the first time found a gyro-absorption line near 90 kELV (keV) with a high confidence of more than 20 times the standard deviation in its X-ray energy spectrum. According to the theory, the magnetic field on the surface of the neutror star corresponding to the pyration absorption line is about 1 billion Teslas, tens of millions of times higher than the tens of Tesla’s strongest magnetic fields currently produced in Earth’s laboratories. The research was carried out mainly by the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in collaboration with the University of Tubingen in Germany.

Neuton stars are objects with the strongest magnetic fields in the universe. The neutre star X-ray 2-star system consists of neutre stars and their accompanying stars, with the star’s gas falling to neutre stars under the strong gravitational action of neutre stars, forming a high-speed rotating gas disk around neutre stars, called a suction disk. If the magnetic field is strong, the plasma on the suction disk falls along the magnetic line to the surface of the neutrometer and emits intense X-ray radiation. As neutra stars rotate, the X-ray emission zone rotates to form periodic X-ray pulses, so these objects are also known as “X-ray absorption pulsar”. A large number of observations have found that this type of celestial body in the X-ray radiation energy spectrum will appear on the “sink” structure, the theory is that the electrons in the magnetic field swing resonance scattering caused, so called the roundabout absorption line, the energy at the absorption line corresponds to the strength of the magnetic field, the use of this phenomenon can directly measure the strength of the magnetic field near the surface of neutral stars.

The Hui-eye satellite carries three scientific payloads and space environment monitors, the Mid-Energy X-ray Telescope and the Low-Energy X-ray Telescope, with an observational energy zone of 1-250 keV. Compared with foreign X-ray satellites, Hui-eye satellite has the outstanding advantages of covering wide energy segment, maximum effective area in high-energy X-ray energy segment, high time resolution, small detection dead time, observation of strong sources without photon accumulation effect, so it has the unique ability to detect high-energy gyration absorption lines.

The Eye satellite directly measures the universe's strongest magnetic field.

Eye Satellite Art Map (provided by project team)