Firefox’s Nightly Build supports picture-in-picture mode on macOS and Linux platforms

Mozilla has confirmed the introduction of video-in-picture features in the Windows version of Firefox 71, and is actively pushing to macOS and Linux platforms because it is not available by default in the development version. Starting with Firefox 72’s Nightly Build, Mozilla began introducing Video-picture-in-picture (PiP) browsing options for macOS and Linux platforms.


(Instagram via Techdows)

This feature has been available on mobile devices and TVs for a long time, and in addition to Firefox Beta and Nightly Build, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers offer similar experiences.

When the function is activated, the user can float the video content that is being displayed in a mini window elsewhere in the web page. On the Windows platform, Mozilla Firefox also offers a combination of shortcuts for Ctrl and Shift.

It’s important to note that Firefox’s PiP pattern actually relies on a browser UI implementation, rather than using the associated Web API like Google Chrome.

Interested friends can do the following on the about:config configuration page:

Because Mozilla’s expected level has not yet been reached, Mozilla has not yet enabled PiP functionality by default on Mac and Linux platforms.

For friends who want to taste it, download the Nightfox Nightly every night and get a head start on video sites such as YouTube.

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