Why doesn’t Alyx have a keyboard-mouse version? Valve came out to explain the doubt.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley, David Speyrer, Robin Walker and Dario Casali of Valve Studios shared some stories about Half Life: Alyx, explaining why this is not Half Life 3. and why you don’t plan to launch a non-VR version.

Why doesn't Alyx have a key mouse version? Valve came out to explain the doubt.

Dario says Half Life: Alyx has been a VR game since its original idea, and while their team wanted to make key mouse versions, it’s not yet possible.

“We’d love to launch a non-VR version of the keyboard mouse, but as we’ve said before, this project has been an exploration of VR from the start. The more we use the handle and headset, the more aware we become of the interactive potential it offers and the possibilities it gives us. The more we explore, the more opportunities we feel worth exploring, the more we can’t equivalent roll back to the keyboard mouse. ”

Dario used the door to list the new VR play mechanism. Players can choose to knock on the door, open a door, slowly open the door and other ways, with the choice of firing. They can also open the door, throw it in a hand, and close the door.

As for why the new work is Half Life: Alyx, not Half Life 3, Robin Walker says:

“I have to admit that we started this project in 2016, and the brand “Half life” is too big, and Half Life 3 is even more scary, isn’t it? ”

“Because from the VR entry point, it’s easy to imagine the core experience of Half Life in a VR environment. It’s easy to transplant the core play of Half Life to the VR platform and watch how people try to play. So it’s easy to dismiss the idea of Half Life 3. We can focus on this VR project and step by step for the camp. ”

“In a way, VR is a vector that helps us a lot like the gravity gun in Half Life 2. It becomes an important pillar that allows you to play in many directions and divergent innovations. So now VR can embrace all our innovations. And for Half Life 3, our feeling is that the thought of “Half Life 3″ is afraid of death. ”

Finally, Walker and Speyrer say they want to develop more “Half life” projects, but the primary goal now is to see how the half-life will react.

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