After Chadwick Bosman’s death, Disney wasn’t sure how Black Panther 2 would be filmed.

On Friday, Marvel fans learned of Chadwick Bosman’s death after a four-year battle with colon cancer,media BGR reported. Little is known about the actor’s illness, although he has made some of the most classic films during this time, including Black Panther and two Avengers films. The actor is confident he’ll be okay and plans to star in the Black Panther sequel, which is due to open in March. Disney has limited options on how to continue filming Black Panther 2, and Bosman’s sudden death will affect other Marvel film universe-related films.

After Chadwick Bosman's death, Disney wasn't sure how Black Panther 2 would be filmed.

Kevin Fage, president of Marvel Pictures, reportedly discovered Bosman’s condition on the day of his death because the actor did not share details of his diagnosis with many in the industry. It is reported that Bosman until about a week before his death, still convinced that he will fight cancer, and hope to start preparations for a sequel, the film was scheduled to start in March. As a result, Marvel is now trying to decide how to proceed with the Black Panther 2 film, which is due out in 2022.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fage received an urgent email about Bosman on August 28. By the time the Marvel executive read the e-mail an hour later, Bosman was dead. A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the 43-year-old actor has clearly lost weight in recent months. But he believes he will regain weight in time for the sequel. The actor is preparing for a sequel this month.

“Black Panther” screenwriter and director Ryan Coogler, who will direct the sequel, confirmed that he has been writing a script for “Black Panther 2.” After Bosman’s death, Kugler wrote, “It took me a year to prepare, imagine, and write down what he had to say, and we were destined not to see it.” It made me sad to know that I couldn’t look at another close-up of him on the monitor, or walk up to him and ask for another shot. “

Disney is now dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, but it is also facing the reality of moving forward. Sources say the company is now focusing on grief rather than making a sequel. The first film in the series turned out to be a huge success for Marvel. The film was Marvel’s first film to put black characters at the center of the story, and Bosman did a great job. Prior to that, the actor made his Black Panther debut in the critical Captain America 3: Civil War, which laid the groundwork for Black Panther and the last two Avengers films. Bosman also starred in two of them.

Despite his busy schedule, Bosman has never shared details of his battle with cancer with anyone at Disney or the Black Panthers. With the exception of his family, only a few people knew that he was ill and had different degrees of understanding of the severity of the illness.

Schuler Moore, a film finance lawyer, told The Hollywood Reporter that the Marvel star would not ask for a medical check-up as a security measure. “Big studios don’t often (get) finish insurance,” Moore said. “They are more common in the world of independent filmmaking. Sometimes, big studios seek to insure a particular actor, but they usually do so for a specific reason. Otherwise, the studio will only bear the risk (of illness or death). “

After Chadwick Bosman's death, Disney wasn't sure how Black Panther 2 would be filmed.

While Disney may not be ready to reveal plans for a sequel to Black Panther, it must address the issue in the near future. The company has several options to explain the Black Panther’s disappearance from the Marvel movie universe. One unwelcome option is to replace Bosman with another actor, but the result is sure to draw a lot of criticism. Bosman’s Black Panther is so iconic to the Marvel cinematical universe. Another possible solution is that Suri, played by Leticia Wright, the sister of Panther Tracha, will be the next to replace the Panthers.

The report also noted that Bosman’s death would affect the entire Marvel film universe, as the Black Panther was scheduled to appear in other interrelated films.