Microsoft is investigating bugs that mess up Windows 10 login credentials.

Last month we looked at a new issue in Windows 10 that could disrupt credential managers and make it difficult for users and even enterprise customers to sign in to certain applications, such as Chrome. In addition, if a user saves credentials on Windows 10, the pesky bug may randomly log it out of the site.

Microsoft is investigating bugs that mess up Windows 10 login credentials.

According to the new findings, the bug appears to be cracking down on applications that use DPAPI, which protects user-stored credentials through Windows Credentials Manager. DPAPI is the API used by desktop applications to protect passwords saved by users and to do not want to enter them again when you log on to an application or website.

The DPAPI used by some applications is a core component of Windows 10. After a version of Windows 10 2004 or a recent cumulative update, an error causes Windows 10 to forget stored app passwords, such as Chrome, virtual proprietary network services, and so on.

“Chrome is posted multiple times a day on all my websites. Interestingly, Edge has the same problem (I guess it’s due to the Chrome engine). There will also be “unsystable” or login errors on Microsoft’s own apps, such as. “The problem also spread to mail, calendars, and OneDrive,” one user noted.

Microsoft said it had received a report of a failure and was actively investigating the issue, but there was no official solution.

Interestingly, the other side, Google’s Chrome engineers, also launched their own investigation into the problem, but their preliminary findings suggest that the problem is with Windows 10 and could affect other applications on the system that use DPAPI (Data Protection API).

While this is far from the annoying Windows 10 problem we’ve seen in recent months, it’s still a bad bug because many people rely on credential managers to manage websites and app logins.