Universal to launch new monster movie focusing on Dracula’s loyal “fans”

Universal Pictures is expected to launch a new monster film about the vampire Dracula character “Redfield.” Redfield has appeared in several dracula-related films, such as the famous director Francis Coppola’s “Four Hundred Years of Horror” in 1992.

According to Brahm Stoker’s Dracula novel, Redfield adored Dracula, bloodthirsty and delusional, but Dracula ignored him and fed him only mice and bugs.

The Redfield is said to be a light-hearted comedy directed by Dexter Fletcher (Rocket Man).

Universal Pictures has not completely abandoned its Plans for the Dark Universe, and after the 2017 box office of “The New Mummy” stalled, follow-up projects stalled, with the current development being “Invisible Man”, directed by Ray Warnell and starring Elisabeth Moss and Stomy Reed. Scheduled February 28, 2020. “Invisible Man” was supposed to be played by Johnny Depp, according to the original plan.

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