Domestic new crown vaccine as soon as the end of the year to market two injections to 1000 yuan? The Health and Wellness Commission made a statement.

At the 2020 China International Trade Fair on Services, held in Beijing from September 5th to 9th, China Bio, a national pharmaceutical group exhibiting in the special exhibition area of public health epidemic prevention, made a stunning debut as the main curry with two new crown inactivated vaccines.

The combined annual production capacity of the two vaccine production plants can reach 300 million doses.

According to the Global Times, the two new crown inactivated vaccines are now in the final Phase III clinical trial stage and are being launched in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Peru, Morocco, Argentina and other countries and regions. The group of 50,000 people, the sample population now covers 115 countries, all aspects of progress are the world’s leading.

Domestic new crown vaccine as soon as the end of the year to market two injections to 1000 yuan? The Health and Wellness Commission made a statement.

Luo Linyun, deputy general manager of China Biomarketing Center of China Pharmaceutical Group, said that if the trial goes well, the vaccine will be officially launched by the end of this year.

At the same time, China Biotech has built high-grade biosecurity facilities at two biological products research institutes in Beijing and Wuhan, with a combined annual production capacity of 300 million doses in the two vaccine production plants.

Health Care Commission: The new crown vaccine can only be based on cost as a pricing basis.

For everyone concerned about the vaccine injection and price issues, the Party Secretary of the National Pharmaceutical Group, Chairman Liu Jingxuan in August this year in an interview with BrightNet has revealed that a dose of vaccine is 4 micrograms, a shot of vaccine, the protection rate is about 97%, two injections of vaccine, protection rate can reach 100%, the price is expected to be hundreds of dollars a shot, if two injections, the price should be within 1000 yuan.

Liu also revealed that he had been vaccinated, “I took two new coronary pneumonia vaccine, no adverse reactions.” “

For the future market pricing of the new crown vaccine, August 22, CCTV Finance broadcast the “dialogue” column, the National Health and Health Commission Science and Technology Development Center Director, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism research team research team leader Zheng Zhongwei revealed that the new crown vaccine belongs to public health products, its pricing can not be based on the market supply and demand contradictions, can only be based on cost pricing, “not to say that enterprises can not have profits, but to cost to check your modest profits or reasonable profits.” This is the first principle in the future.”

“It’s clear here that it’s certainly lower than what Liu said.” Zheng Zhongwei said.

Who should be the first to get the new crown vaccine?

According to a paper published September 3 in the American journal Science, health experts around the world have developed a plan to determine who needs to be the first to be vaccinated against the new coronary pneumonia.

“When an effective vaccine for neo-corona pneumonia is developed, supply scarcity will be inevitable,” the authors said, citing EFE Washington on September 3. They noted that the World Health Organization, governments and manufacturers around the world themselves “have faced the problem of how to distribute these vaccines in all countries”.

The paper was led by Ezekiel Emanuel, dean of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

“The idea of distributing vaccines by population seems like a fair strategy,” Emanuel said, but in fact “we usually distribute supplies based on the severity of the disaster in a particular place, and in this case we think the first measure of suffering should be the premature deaths that vaccines can avoid.”

The paper notes that while little progress has been made in developing a unified and global framework for the distribution of vaccines for coronary pneumonia, two problems have arisen.

Some experts believe that health workers and high-risk groups such as people over 65 should be given the lead in vaccination, while WHO says countries should receive doses commensable to their populations.

Domestic new crown vaccine as soon as the end of the year to market two injections to 1000 yuan? The Health and Wellness Commission made a statement.

Emanuel argues that both strategies are “seriously flawed” from a medical ethics perspective.

The report says 19 global health experts have proposed a three-stage vaccine distribution plan called the Fair Priority Model, which aims to reduce premature deaths and other irreversible health consequences of new coronavirus infections.

Emanuel’s team believes that “preventing death, especially premature death, is particularly urgent” and is the focus of the first phase of the model. Each country determines the criteria for premature death from neo-crown pneumonia by calculating the number of years lost.

By the second stage, the authors suggest that the improvement of the overall economy and the extent to which it can prevent people from falling into poverty should be taken into account, the report said.

The report also notes that in the third phase of the “fair priority model”, priority will be given to the countries with the highest infection rates, “but ultimately all countries should have adequate vaccines to prevent infection, for which it is estimated that 60 to 70 per cent of the population is immune”.

However, WHO’s plan is to vaccinate 3 per cent of the population and then distribute it as a proportion of the population until 20 per cent of the population is vaccinated in all countries.