Epic tried the new Gambit to get Fortnite back on the app store.

Epic Games has renewed its request to a judge to block Apple’s removal of Fortnite from the App Store App Store. Epic said Apple’s move was in retaliation for game developers offering their own in-app purchases in the game. Epic’s request to the judge on Friday was denied by the company last month.

Epic tried the new Gambit to get Fortnite back on the app store.

Apple charges app developers up to 30 per cent when they make in-app purchases, a percentage that makes Epic unhappy, after it filed a similar lawsuit against Google.

Apple’s App Store business also faces antitrust investigations by U.S. and European lawmakers and regulators who want to limit the power of big technology companies. Some app developers complain that Apple’s App Store fees and other policies are unfair.

“It needs to be made clear that Epic does not seek to allow Apple to offer app distribution and processing services for free, nor does Epic seek to enjoy Apple’s services without paying,” Epic said in a document filed in federal court. Epic wants the freedom not to use Apple’s App Store or in-app purchases, but to use other and other competitive services. “

Apple later issued a statement saying it would not back down and said the two companies had no chance of working together as current circumstances. “Epic continues to issue Fortnite updates that violate the App Store guidelines,” Apple said. This is unfair to all other developers on the App Store and puts customers in their fight. “

The dispute escalated on August 13th, when Epic told users that it would allow consumers to buy Fortnite props directly, bypassing Apple’s App Store in-app purchases. Apple then removed the game from the App Store, preventing iPhone and iPad users from downloading it. Prior to that, Fortnite had more than 350 million players.

So far, Fortnite players have consumed about $1.2 billion through the Apple App Store and nearly $9.7 million through Google Play, according to Sensor Tower’s mobile app market. That means the game has generated about $354 million in revenue for Apple and about $3 million for Google.

Epic said in court documents that Fortnite players could buy items at a lower price by using competitive payment methods instead of in-app purchases. The company also said Apple’s 10-year monopoly on app distribution and in-app payment processing for iOS and its launch of its own online market was the first step in freeing consumers and developers from that monopoly.