Why is China still Microsoft’s strategic market?

Russian media reported that the United States Microsoft recently said that the Chinese market is still the company’s strategic market. Foreign companies were more interested in the Chinese market last year than ever before. Chinese companies are trying to break into the world market, but foreign technology companies are asking Microsoft what best to bring into China.

Why is China still Microsoft's strategic market?

Microsoft and China have historically formed a close relationship, Russian satellite news network reported on November 20. Microsoft opened an overseas research institute in China in 1998, the first time Microsoft has set up an overseas research institute in an Asian country. Microsoft had two labs: one in the United States and the other in the United Kingdom.

The report noted that Microsoft’s decision to find talented engineers in Beijing was not a miscalculation. During the operation of Microsoft’s Asia Institute, the lab’s scholars produced more than 1,500 papers published in the world’s major major science and technology journals.

Microsoft’s Beijing Lab sresearch results are also applied to all of Microsoft’s key products: Windows, Office, Bing, Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone.

The technologies developed by the Beijing Laboratory lay the foundation for the international standard of video encoding in The MPEG4 format, the method of icing the title of TCP/IP IETF, and the video compression standard coding developed by ITU/ISO.

The report argues that giving up long-term cooperation with China would be no good for Microsoft at all. The research areas that beijing labs focus on have long been China’s strengths, including big data analytics and algorithms based on it, the use of machine learning technology to optimize search engine services and serve contextual advertising, and the development of natural user interfaces that allow people to interact with small machines using words, postures, and emotions.

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