“Game of Thrones” actress: Killing the Night King was originally done by Snow.

According tomedia reports, the final season of “Game of Thrones”, while under fire, did provide a very exciting moment: when Arya leapt to the Night King and ended the terrible nightmare. But according to the young Stark’s character, Maisie Williams, the scene was originally intended for Jon Snow.

“He wanted to (kill the Night King),” the actress said of Jon Snow’s character Kit Harrington. He even said, ‘Things are going in that direction. Someone told me in season three that I was going to kill The Night King. ‘Then he read the script and it was Arya all the time. “

“I’m glad Arya did it. I think my storyline is the best of the last season. “

So it’s either the producers who misled Harrington in season three, or it’s more likely that the original plan was changed in six years of story development. The original author, George W. Bush, was the author of the book. RR Martin has previously said that what happens in the play is not necessarily the same as the upcoming “Winter Wind” and “Dreams of Spring Dawn.”

Williams was interviewed at a promotional event for The New Muties. It is reported that “New Muties” is a superhero thriller in the X-Men universe. On August 28th the film was released in the US, and critics were mixed.