Congress pressures U.S. military to order use of TikTok in uniform

TikTok’s growing number of users includes a large number of U.S. soldiers, and the number of “U.S. military” video slots is climbing. Therefore, in recent years, the recruitment setbacks of the U. S. military also want to take this platform flow, do a recruitment propaganda. It is worth noting that the recruitment staff “pro-test”, the effect is very good. However, the effect has upset some U.S. officials, who have frequently “boycotted” TikTok on the grounds of “national security” and have been pressing the military to conduct a security assessment of the software.

Under pressure, the U.S. Army Cadet Command announced this week that it would ban cadets from using TikTok in uniform, calling the way the software processes user information “worrying.”

Congress pressures U.S. military to order use of TikTok in uniform

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Separately, U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Thursday local time that the U.S. military has begun a security assessment of the software.

The decision was made at the request of Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, according to The Capitol Hill. Several U.S. politicians, including Mr. Schumer, have been asking Tik Tok for “threats to national security.”

Although students can still use the software in their own name, they are prohibited from filming short videos or posting recruitment announcements while wearing uniforms or performing official duties, Reuters reported Tuesday.

The U.S. Army Cadet Command, which issued the order, oversees the Reserve Officer Training Corps, the Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTC) and the Junior Reserve Officer Training Unit (JROTC), to train college and high school students for the military, the report said.

An Army spokeswoman said the guidance issued by cadet command was intended to be “cautious.”

A Reuters reporter looked up videos with the hashtags “ROTC” and “JROTC” on the software and found that many of the videos were of young men and women in U.S. military uniforms in face-to-mouth, dancing and performance training. They also post selfies and even secretly film their comrades sleeping on tanks.

Congress pressures U.S. military to order use of TikTok in uniform

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The Army Recruitment Command used TikTok as one of the official propaganda platforms this summer because the U.S. military failed to complete recruits last year, while some recruiting officers also held publicity on private accounts, Forbes News reported Tuesday. According to the head of the recruitment, the propaganda program has received good results.

However, TikTok’s huge downloads and video playback in the United States have become the “eyes and nails” of some American politicians, including Schumer and Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

“National security experts have expressed concern about TikTok’s collection and processing of user data, including user content and communications, IP addresses, location-related data, metadata, and other sensitive personal information,” Schumer wrote in a November 7 letter to McCarthy. ”

It’s worth noting that they’ve done “user information security issues” four times, but TikTok has long clarified that all U.S. users’ data is stored on local servers in the U.S. and that a backup system is set up for the database in Singapore.

On November 18th Jun Zhu, the head of TikTok, said in a second statement that TikTok does not share user data with China, and that all of TikTok’s global users’ data is stored in Virginia and has a backup server in Singapore.

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