Trump scolded Jobs’ widow for “wasting” her husband’s money.

It’s not “degassing” yet. Days after it was revealed that he was “cursing the idiots of the fallen”, Mr. Trump continued to take aim at the Atlantic monthly magazine after the words “animals” and “mixed balls” came out at 怼 a.m. But this time, he began to accuse the AMERICAN media’s equity man, Also the widow of Steve Jobs, of “wasting” her late husband’s money.

CNN: Trump has attacked the world’s sixth-richest woman because of his ties to The Atlantic.

After Jobs’ death in 2011, Lauryn inherited billions of dollars worth of apple and Disney stock from her husband and founded Emerson Group, a social change group focused on education, immigration reform, the environment, the media, news and health, CNN reported. In 2017, Emerson acquired a majority stake in The Atlantic. According to Bloomberg data, Laurie’s net worth is $33.3 billion, while her net worth is $20.2 billion, according to Forbes magazine. Lauryn is also the world’s sixth-richest woman, according to CNN.

On June 6, local time, Mr. Trump began to “get angry” at a report by Charlie Kirk, founder of the right-wing activist group Turning Point USA, criticizing Ms. Lauryn.

“Steve Jobs’ widow, Lauryn Powell Jobs, donated at least $500,000 to Joe Biden’s campaign this year,” Charlie Corker said. Do you know who owns a majority stake in The Atlantic? Lauryn Powell Jobs. “I don’t know.

Trump scolded Jobs

Seeing Biden’s name, and thinking about the “scandal” that had surfaced in The Atlantic two days earlier, Mr. Trump finally couldn’t help itself.

He retweeted Charlie Corker’s tweet to open up the “bombardment” mode: “Steve Jobs won’t be happy that his wife wasted the money left for her in a failed radical left-wing magazine run by a fraudster (Goldberg) that spread fake news and hatred.” Call her, write, and let her know how you feel!!! “I don’t know.

Trump scolded Jobs

Three exclamation points at the end are enough to show how angry Trump is. The tweet, “Goldberg,” refers to the reporter who annoyed him with the story.

In a speech in North Carolina on February 2 to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, Mr. Trump praised American soldiers who took part in World War II as “true American heroes” who had “made an extraordinary contribution” to the United States. At the same time, however, The Atlantic has revealed exclusive revelations that multiple sources familiar with the situation say Mr. Trump has repeatedly belittled U.S. service members and called Americans who died in the war “losers” and “idiots.” The reporter was Jeffrey Goldberg.

In an interview Wednesday night, Mr. Trump angrily denied that he had called the fallen a “loser” and a “fool” and called the Atlantic’s monthly magazine a fake news story in an attempt to influence the 2020 election. Anyone, if they really exist, if they do exist and say that, then they must be mean little people or liars… No animal, no one (can say it), what kind of animal can say such a thing? On May 5, Mr. Trump again “couldn’t hold back”, tweeting and scolding, “A mixed-race reporter may have been working with disgruntled people to make such terrible accusations.” “

(Original title: The gas hasn’t gone away yet? Trump continues to rant at Atlantic’s founder and Jobs’ widow

Global Network reporter Zhang Xiaoya