“Creed” grossed nearly $150 million worldwide at the mainland box office, but it’s far from home.

The latest original sci-fi action blockbuster, “Creed,” directed by legendary director Christopher Nolan, is in the national running, topping the box office by more than 200 million yuan in its first weekend. The film today exposed the “strongest force” version of the trailer, foreign authoritative media praised the film is “Nolan’s best work”, “addictive agent film”, five-star praise.

At the same time, domestic audiences have also praised Nolan this new god, “absolutely Nolan’s best action drama in the film”, “two-man main battle force burst table”, many fans are more addicted to the “Creed” analysis can not extricate themselves, for the director in the space-time war over the time of the strongest comrade-in-arms emotional, have two brush three brushes to release.

According tomedia Entertainment Weekly, Creed has grossed $146 million worldwide since its release in the U.S. and China. With a budget of $225 million (before publicity), Creed may need to break even at $400 million at the global box office. Creed is likely to take longer than normal films to be shown in theaters, and when Creed is released, it will be released on digital platforms and sold to licensees such as airlines, bringing in more revenue. At home, predictably, before the National Day, Creed will hardly have an opponent worth fighting against.