HTTPZ – Firefox plug-in to transfer HTTP link to HTTPS

Most sites today support HTTPS and go to the HTTPS protocol by default when a user visits the site. If your site is in a HTTPS-enabled site database, extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere automatically request http to HTTPS. The DuckDuckGo search engine recently launched a new feature called Smart Encryption in its apps and extensions that automatically transfer connections to HTTPS based on search engine data.

And some web browsers, such as Tor, do not attempt to automatically transfer a user’s connection from HTTP to a more secure HTTPS protocol, and if you click an HTTP link in an old article that has been migrated to HTTPS (or both HTTP supports HTTP and HTTP) Load resources with HTTP instead of going to HTTPS.

Firefox, on the other hand, has an HTTPZ extension that automatically transfers HTTP to HTTPS access.

HTTPZ - Firefox plug-in to transfer HTTP link to HTTPS

HTTPZ does not rely on httpS-enabled site databases, it tries to automatically upgrade the connection to HTTPS, and if the HTTPS connection throws an error, it reverts to HTTP. The introduction to HTTPZ reads:

If the HTTPS upgrade is not valid, HTTP will be rolled back.

If the site is redirected from HTTPS to HTTP, a warning is displayed.

Enable agent compatibility mode.

Set the HTTPS connection attempt to time out.

Remember the cache that successfully made the HTTPS upgrade to speed up future connections.

Configure the ignore behavior for sites that do not support HTTP.


HTTPZ currently has some capabilities, such as it does not attempt to transfer subresource links to HTTPS, such as elements loaded in an HTTPS site.

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