Italy launches antitrust investigations into Apple, Google and Dropbox.

Italian antitrust authorities have announced they are investigating allegations of fairness and improper business practices by Apple, Google and Dropbox. In addition to the recent investigation into alleged price-fixing, Italy’s antitrust regulator announced that it was conducting a separate investigation into how companies, including Apple, operate cloud services in the country.

Italy launches antitrust investigations into Apple, Google and Dropbox.

Italy’s L’Autorit Garante DEL Concorenza e del Mercato (AGCM) said it had opened an investigation after contracts for Apple, Google and Dropbox’s cloud business were charged, Reuters reported.

“The proceedings involve alleged improper business practices and the possibility of adding unfair terms to the terms of the contract,” a Reuters reporter said in a statement seen by them. The authorities said.

No further details have been released, and Apple has yet to comment publicly.

The antitrust investigation by Italian authorities is the latest in a number of similar investigations Apple faces around the world. The company is currently under investigation for issues related to Apple Music, the App Store and Apple Pay.

Italy’s AGCM has ruled against Apple in a case involving the company’s deliberate attempt to slow down iPhones that use old batteries. In 2018, the agency issued a 10 million euro ($11.1 million) fine, and Apple appealed unsuccessfully.