Google’s Labor Day Doodle pays tribute to American workers.

For many Americans, Labor Day marks the end of summer, when Americans enjoy their final long weekend. But it is also a well-deserved day of rest for workers across the country. Labor Day is the first Monday of September every year, and Labor Day is a national holiday that commemorates the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Although dozens of states have celebrated, it became an official federal holiday after the deadly Pullman strike riots of 1894, which put railroad workers at odds with railroads and the U.S. government. Google’s Doodle Google Doodle on Monday paid tribute to workers of all kinds, from doctors and cooks to painters to farmers and ordinary office workers.

This year’s Doodle Google Doodle stands out in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, when many workers considered essential remained on the job, helping those infected and helping to maintain order, while many of us isolated ourselves globally to eliminate the spread of the virus. Earlier this year, Google honored the heroes with a series of thank-you doodles for their dedication.

Google's Labor Day Doodle pays tribute to American workers.