TikTok is trying to stop the spread of a suicide video.

TikTok is trying to remove videos circulating on its app and ban the accounts of those who re-uploaded the clip, which shows a man shooting himself with a gun,media The Verge reported. TikTok said the clip originally circulated on Facebook and appeared on other apps. As the TikTok community bes aware of the clip, many creators began posting videos warning their followers about a picture of a bearded man sitting at his desk.

TikTok is trying to stop the spread of a suicide video.

Other creators say the most disturbing parts of the video are hidden in seemingly more innocuous TikTok content. A TikTok representative confirmed to The Verge that “suicide footage” began circulating on Sunday night.

“Our system has been automatically detecting and marking these clips because they violate our policy against displaying, glorifying, glorifying or promoting content that promotes suicide,” a company spokesman said. “We are banning accounts that repeatedly try to upload clips, and we thank members of our community for reporting content and warn others not to watch, participate in or share such videos on any platform out of respect for the parties and their families.”

Such videos have appeared on other sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Reddit in the past. Because TikTok videos appear in one of the main feeds that people scroll through — known as “For You Page,” it can be harder to avoid them. This may explain why the TikTok community is trying to be extra vigilant about warning others about images in videos. Warnings also appeared on Instagram, which circulated the clip. On sites such as Twitter, parents talked about their children and teens seeing the video and the damage it has done.

A TikTok spokesman said: “If anyone in our community is struggling with suicidal thoughts or is afraid of someone committing suicide, we encourage them to seek support and we provide a hotline directly from our app and our security centre.” “