China’s “Vaccine Legion” made a high-profile appearance at the Service Fair.

The first new coronavirus inactivated vaccine, the first special effects drug for new corona pneumonia, China’s independent research and development of non-invasive ventilators, as well as the outbreak of the obvious role of even flowering plague particles and other epidemic prevention and control stars jointly appeared at the 2020 Service Trade Fair. Government officials, biopharmaceutical companies and international organizations and other professionals have also come together to tell the science and technology behind China’s effective control of the epidemic and to demonstrate the strength of China in the fight against the epidemic.

Our reporter, Hao Hao.

Anti-epidemic “stars” co-appeared.

Home-made new coronavirus inactivated vaccine debuted publicly, the huge attraction of Chinese biology and Science and Technology has been surrounded by crowds. Although it is the third day of operation, it is still the highest “punch rate” for people throughout the exhibition area, located in front of the booths of two biopharmaceutical companies in the integrated exhibition area on the first floor of the National Convention Centre.

In addition to the world’s first new coronary inactivated vaccine, the world’s only special treatment for new coronary pneumonia, the static injection of COVID-19 human immunoprotein, and the country’s first new coronavirus nucleic acid test kit, were displayed at the China Biological Booth. Liu Hongbing, director of the propaganda department of the National Pharmaceutical Group, who is explaining to the audience in the exhibition area, told the Global Times that China’s biological vaccine has been conducted in phase III clinical trials in nearly 10 countries and is monitoring the safety and ver effectiveness of the vaccine. If the trial goes well, the results should be available by mid-November, or they will enter the filing process, ideally with the possibility of a large-scale listing by the end of the year. As for special effects drugs, he said, has been used in the Outbreak of New Places in Beijing and Urumqi, the short-term transition of severe patients to mild patients, the effect is very obvious. Because the main raw materials of special effects drugs rehabilitation plasma sources are limited, Liu Hongbing believes that the prevention and control of the epidemic ultimately depends on vaccines to play a more important role.

The staff of Koxing Bio also told the Global Times that its inactivated vaccine has been carrying out phase III clinical studies in Brazil, Indonesia and other countries since July, and is now preparing to be carried out in Turkey, Bangladesh and other countries. “The new coronavirus shows no sign of suddenly disappearing, so we are pushing hard for vaccine development and production in the hope that humans will take off their masks and smile early.”

Reporters also saw at the scene of an enterprise in Beijing exhibited independent research and development of non-invasive ventilators, on-site staff told the Global Times reporter, ventilators for the new crown pneumonia patients are very important, since the outbreak, the company has donated more than 300 ventilators to Tianjin, Hubei and South Sudan and other domestic and foreign hospitals. Throughout the outbreak, nearly 100,000 units were exported overseas, many of which entered developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism recognized the “three drugs”: golden flower clear particles, even flower clear plague particles and capsules, blood must net injection in the outbreak played an important role, reporters in the exhibition area also saw the presence of three star drugs. Among them, the production of Jinhua Qing sensing particles of Beijing Poly-Chang pharmaceutical workers told the Global Times reporter, Jinhua Qing sense particles as Chinese medicine, and Western medicine’s drug ability mechanism is different, it shortens the patient’s fever time effect is very obvious, can enhance the patient’s immunity, but also has antiviral effect.

China’s vaccine enters a high-gloss moment.

During the session, Zheng Zhongwei, director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the National Health and Health Commission and head of the special working group on vaccine research and development of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, said that the most powerful weapon to defeat the epidemic once and for all is vaccines. According to Zheng Zhongwei, the most representative and able to show the progress of China’s vaccine phase III is Chinese biology. Zhang Yuntao, vice president of biology in China, said that because of the better control of the outbreak in China, the vaccine has been unable to carry out phase III clinical research in China. Currently selected the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Peru, Morocco, Pakistan and other 10 countries to carry out. “China’s products to go into the international, it is in line with international norms, is internationally recognized, so abroad to conduct phase III clinical research is also of significance in this regard.” He also said that many of the previous vaccine data developed in China are not recognized, and the new crown vaccine is both the first and second phase of the data are widely recognized around the world.

In an interview with Chinese state media, Chen Wei said that, in general, a vaccine research and development to go through phase III clinical trials, the results of the trial to meet the relevant requirements before starting to prepare for mass production. But our recombined new crown vaccine has been preparing for mass production since the first phase of clinical trials. For now, the target of 300 million per year is achievable, and we are working to expand our production capacity. After the results of the third phase of the trial come out, production capacity will also keep up, ready to mass vaccination of the people at any time technical preparation. For suitable inoculation population, Chen Wei introduced, first of all, with the new coronavirus direct contact or have close contact with the possibility of groups, such as closely related to epidemic prevention, especially first-line medical personnel, virus-related researchers, customs front-line staff. In addition, people with underlying diseases are also the focus of attention. There are also those who have their own will to be vaccinated.

‘Our vaccine was the first in the world to enter Phase I clinical trials in March, and it’s only six months old, ‘ Ms. Chen said, referring to how long the vaccine would provide effective protection. For now, march’s needle is still valid. How long its protectiveness can last, we are still moving forward with research that can only be speculated on similar vaccines in the past, such as the Ebola vaccine, where the immune response declines six months after the first shot, and a second shot in about six months to enhance it, which can be effective for two years. This is the data that can be used as a reference.

Experts reveal AI, 5G anti-epidemic results.

Liu Do, president of the China Information and Communication Research Institute, said at the service trade conference that many of the cases in the treatment of seriously ill patients are carried out by experienced doctors at Beijing Sanjia Hospital through 5G telemedicaning for real-time consultation and diagnosis. “5G’s low-latency, highly reliable network is still being refined, and doctors will be able to perform remote surgery in the future.”

Liu Do believes that “if all rely on manual field operation, medical resources will be far from enough.” “The widespread use of new technologies in outbreaks maximizes cross-infection and reduces the burden on health care providers. As a hard-hit area of Wuhan, robot delivery, robot services, in the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan played a great role in reducing the risk of infection caused by direct contact between doctors and patients.

In addition, during the outbreak, the timely and orderly protection of large quantities of medical supplies, as well as hundreds of types of drug production information, as well as production distribution and distribution, in accordance with the needs of different regions to match in a timely manner, but also rely on a strong information system platform to support. Liu said that the platform is also being perfected, hoping that the autumn and winter outbreaks have repeated when playing an important role again. I don’t know.