A sex revealing party for a parent accidentally sparked a wildfire.

According tomedia reports, the “gender revealing” party — where parents bring all their friends and family together to talk about their children’s gender — has been really popular in the U.S. in recent years. The trend is spreading like wildfire, and it turns out that sex-exposure parties can also cause wildfires themselves. According to San Bernardino County, California, a sex-revealing party used a smoke-producing pyrotethon device that sparked a bushfire and turned into a huge wildfire that has now engulfed more than 7,000 acres.


A sex revealing party for a parent accidentally sparked a wildfire.

“Law enforcement has determined that the El Dorado fire near Oak Canyon in San Bernardino County was caused by a smoke-filled pyrotek device that was used at a sex-revealing party,” the press release said. The fire broke out at 10:23 a.m. local time on September 5, 2020 at El Dorado Ranch Park in Yukelpa. The fire spread north from the park to the Yukepa Ridge, which separates Mountain Home Village from Forest Falls. “

So far, the first wave of fires has forced widespread evacuations of residents in affected areas, and a public community center has been used to house people who may have been destroyed by the fire. More than 500 crews are fighting the blaze, and 60 fire engines and four helicopters are involved in the rescue operation, CNN reported.

Unfortunately, the unusually dry weather in the area has increased the spread and speed of the fire. Although the fire was moving at 5 miles per hour, gusts of wind could double the speed. At present, the environmental and economic damage caused by the fire has not been fully estimated, but it is certainly outrageously high.