VirtualBox 6.1 First RC Release Supports Linux Kernel 5.4 Improved UI

Oracle announced that the first release candidate (RC) for a major update to its popular open source and cross-platform virtualization software VirtualBox 6.1 is fully available. The VirtualBox 6 Series was released a year ago with significant new features and improvements. The first major distribution of VirtualBox 6.1 provides Support for the upcoming Linux 5.4 kernel series for Linux hosts and experimental support for file transfers for Linux hosts on Windows clients.

VirtualBox 6.1 First RC Release Supports Linux Kernel 5.4 Improved UI

In addition, VirtualBox 6.1 adds some enhancements to the graphical user interface (GUI), including visual improvements to the soft keyboard, improved mouse pointers and integrated zooms, patches related to the availability of export device wizards, more consistent selection of media, and user-provided images. and allow them to select the medium through the file selector.

With VirtualBox 6.1, Oracle hopes to take its popular virtualization software to the next level by using OpenGL to enable 3D by enabling 3D by using OpenGL to implement Support for YUV2 and related texture formats on Linux and macOS hosts , it is expected to accelerate the video playback performance of the host GPU.

In addition, Oracle improved support for nested hardware virtualization on Intel CPUs and fixed some drawing issues in 3D situations. On Linux, VirtualBox 6.1 uses a non-blocking socket for an incoming connection (port forwarding) and forces the kernel module signature to be disabled during the build process, allowing the user to sign it later.

There is also a new feature that allows users to disable some features, such as the VISO Creator, in addition to various Windows Guest Additions fixes around the VBox VGA adapter, improvements to the EHCI controller implementation, new network adapter types, updated documents, and more.

You can download VirtualBox 6.1 RC1 for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows today.

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