Foreign media revealed that the Beckhams had contracted new crown pneumonia suspected of being super-transmitters.

According tomedia reports, the Beckhams in March this year, the new crown pneumonia, and infected with a number of staff, suspected super-transmitters, the family implemented more than two weeks of strict isolation measures. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham hosted a party in Los Angeles on March 1 to celebrate The Miami team’s first game in Los Angeles,media reported. In addition to the team members, there are celebrity chef friends Gauten, eldest son Brooklyn and fiancee Nicola Peltz and others.

Media revealed that the Beckhams had contracted new crown pneumonia suspected of being super-transmitters.

The two men shook hands at events, got up close and personal with guests and fans, and accidentally contracted new crown pneumonia.

On March 4, the Beckhams returned to the UK to host a lavish birthday party in the Cotswolds for their eldest son Brooklyn, 21, with their 14-year-old son Romeo and nine-year-old daughter Harper.

On March 11, the Beckhams and their children returned to Miami for the official launch of Major League Soccer (MLS).

Beckham only found out at the time that he was unwell, Victoria had sore throats, fever and other symptoms, and even his players, drivers, bodyguards and assistants had been infected with the new crown, and several were seriously ill.

On March 19, the Beckhams returned to the Cotswolds, where they spent their isolation, in addition to their first son, Brooklyn.

Victoria was “very scared” and forced the family to isolate themselves, according to people familiar with the situation. “She was completely frightened and worried that they might be super-spreaders, so she did everything she could to minimize the risks ahead.”

The Beckhams were then separated from each other on their country estate. There is a swimming pool and, of course, a football field on the estate.

After a full recovery, Beckham and Victoria had swabs and antibody tests before flying to Greece and Italy for a holiday to make sure they were no longer carrying the virus.