Zeng Lizan’s Porsche Taycan Bill Gates: Tesla trucks may never come true.

Bill Gates and Tesla Musk are Americans, but they don’t seem to show solidarity and friendship among their “compatriots.” And Bill Gates, as a value investor, didn’t even choose Tesla for his first electric car, except for Tesla stock. Earlier this year, Bill Gates revealed that he had bought a German Porsche Taycan and praised it as cool and liked it.

Tesla’s Musk was naturally a little upset, responding on Twitter: “My conversation with Gates is frustrating.”

Because of the purchase of electric cars, Musk and Bill Gates under the “beam” for the time being, bill Gates recently gave Tesla a cold water.

According tomedia reports, Bill Gates is on his own blog platform, the climate change to bring greater damage to the environment.

It points out that climate change must be addressed through electric transport. But he made some controversial comments about electric cars.

Zeng Lizan's Porsche Taycan Bill Gates: Tesla trucks may never come true.

Tesla Truck Semi.

According to Gates, passenger cars can be powered by pure electric power and can meet the needs of passenger pickup trucks, such as semi-passenger semi-cargo models.

“Traditional car companies like GM and Ford, as well as new car-making forces such as Rivian andBollinger, can even buy pure electric pickups very quickly,” Gates said. “

But the hottest on the market right now is the Tesla pickup CyberTruck, which has more than a few hundred thousand vehicles on order. Bill Gates didn’t mention the pickup truck.

Zeng Lizan's Porsche Taycan Bill Gates: Tesla trucks may never come true.

On top of that, some of Mr Gates’s comments have caused more controversy, claiming that “electric semi-trailers, such as the Tesla Semi, and electric jet aircraft are likely to never appear.” “

The main reason for this problem is that these transportations require very high power, and to provide that much power requires batteries to become larger and heavier.

As a result, he believes electric vehicles may never be practical solutions for 18-wheeled heavy trucks, cargo ships and aircraft.

“Although there are several electric semi-trailer production plans on the market today, such as the Tesla Semi and Freightliner eCascadia, it’s a long way off,” Gates said. It is also suggested that biofuels could replace batteries in these transport areas.

At present, Tesla Musk has not commented on Gates’ remarks. But he himself is a staunch supporter of tesla’s electric truck, the Semi.

Tesla’s Semi truck, which has already started road testing and has a range of more than 800Km, will be able to meet long-distance transportation needs and will be delivered to customers by 2021, according to previously revealed information.

Zeng Lizan's Porsche Taycan Bill Gates: Tesla trucks may never come true.

The Tesla Semi is on the road.

As for electric aircraft, Musk predicts that once the battery energy density reaches 400 Wh/kg, electric aircraft will become possible, and many battery manufacturers are currently working toward that goal.

From Tesla’s CEO’s point of view, Musk is not satisfied with Bill Gates’ comments, and he is expected to then “show the truth and reason” to Bill Gates to persuade him to accept the fact that electric trucks are being accepted.