It’s a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

In order not to attend class, bear children can fight, you may not imagine! Looking back on my student days, truitation was limited to pretending to be ill and running away halfway, and now the bear children, in order to skip class, directly blacked out the school’s online platform. This operation really shocked my chin…

It's a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

According tomedia reports, a 16-year-old high school student from Florida recently planned eight DDoS attacks, not only forced the end of the entire school online course for some time, but also indirectly led to a regional network crash….

Netizens said: This trick is hard enough, this young man did what I wanted to do for many years dare not do, admire.

It's a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

It’s a bit cool, but it’s still very costly.

The teenager is understood to have been arrested and is facing double charges of fraud and interfering with an educational institution.

All I can say is that skip class for a while, serious crimes are no less ah.

How did a 16-year-old black out the school’s online platform?

On the first day of school in September, when teachers and students at South Miami High School, a private school in Miami-Dade County, Fla., opened a virtual classroom, the network went down.

And this school’s computer network is the fourth largest computer network in the United States, the school considered the first day of school, when students are loging on to the network class system may also have crashes and network Caton situation, but in the next few days, the network class platform did not see good color, which made the school began to suspect that someone may have moved hands and feet.

Local authorities, with the help of the FBI, Secret Service and Florida law enforcement, tracked cyberattacks on Miami-Dade schools, tracking IP addresses in Russia, Ukraine, China, Iraq and other countries, and found the “behind-the-scenes killer.”

and said it was a premeditated malicious attack, the attacker was not someone else, is a 16-year-old student at the school.

“The student admitted to planning eight DDos attacks aimed at crashing the regional network,” the school’s official statement read. “

It's a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

DDoS, known as Distributed Denial of Service, translates as Chinese distributed denial of service.

Multiply the power of denial-of-service attacks by combining multiple computers as attack platforms to launch DDoS attacks on one or more targets with the help of customer/server technology.

Typically, an attacker uses a stolen account to install a DDoS master program on a computer, and at a set time the master will communicate with a large number of agents that have been installed on many computers on the network. The agent attacks when it receives instructions. With customer/server technology, master programs can activate hundreds or thousands of agent runs in seconds.

At the same time, the student admitted that he used an open source tool from a decade ago to break the network, which most basic firewall software can capture.

This tool is LOIC.

It's a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

Baidu Encyclouser’s explanation is this:

LOIC is a Dos/DDOS attack tool dedicated to web applications (full name: Low Orbit Ion Cannon), which can be used to test the target site with TCP packets, UDP packets, HTTP requests for DDOS/DOS testing, which is actually a tool used by hackers to attack.

It is important to note that this open source tool does not require any hacking experience and can be used to carry out attacks by simply downloading the tool.

In addition, the school’s official statement mentioned that the attack targeted regional networks, primarily the main local K12 online learning platform, My School Online.

At present, the student has been arrested.

Authorities say he has been charged with attempted computer fraud, a felony and interference with an educational institution, a misdemeanor.

In order to skip class, it’s a bit expensive.

Why is the impact of DDOS attacks so great?

However, there are melon-eating people also asked, the juvenile practice is indeed inappropriate, but the punishment is not too heavy?

It's a tough guy: The 16-year-old planned eight DDOS attacks for truaning.

That’s about to give everyone the power of a DDOS attack.

Safe children’s shoes may know that DDoS is able to move the site out of touch, service paralysis, resulting in a huge impact, because it is simple and direct, direct attack on the underlying connection.

That’s why the teenager used an open source tool to paralyze the online education network.

For example, if a hacker controls 1000 machines, each with 10M of bandwidth, the equivalent of a hacker has 10G of traffic, and when it controls the machines while launching a traffic attack on a website, the target site may be instantly full of bandwidth and inattible.

And every large-scale DDoS, on the Internet can be considered a big event, because it can always make a big noise.

For example, at a record 300Gbps in March 2013, Spamhaus and CloudFlare were attacked and rated as “nearly paralysing the European network”;

A record 400Gbps was targeted at CloudFlare customers in February 2014, when 785,000 website security services, including 4 chan and WikiLeaks, were allegedly compromised;

On February 28 this year, GitHub, the world’s largest code hosting platform, was hit with bandwidth of up to 1.35Tbps. This DDoS attack is almost the largest and most powerful DDOS attack in the history of the Internet.

After the GitHub attack, the incident didn’t stop, and just a week later, attackers began DDoS attacks on sites such as Google, Amazon, and even Pornhub, with bandwidths of up to 1Tbps.

So, you know why this teenager is facing such a serious legal penalty.

Then look at the black chain of DDoS attacks.

Controlled machines are called “chickens” in hacking circles.

Those who use these broilers are called black-producing practitioners . They are often profit-driven, or actively or employed, to attack high-profit industries. Industries such as gaming, gaming, and Internet finance are generally prone to DDoS attacks. At present, this kind of hacking cost is very low, has formed the industrial chain, some hackers clearly mark the price. For example, if you hit 1G traffic to a website for an hour, an online quote is only 50 yuan.

Security experts once said: “DDoS is a nuclear weapon in attack.” “Large-scale network outages are exactly what DDoS attacks do.

Another tricky problem is that defending DDoS requires burning money. In the face of demons like DDoS, if you want to lower it, it’s still the money in your pocket.

And the teenager’s collective truce proved it: teachers quickly switched to other platforms, such as Microsoft and ZOOM, after realizing that the platform was unavailable.

Therefore, children’s shoes, later want to skip class or make up a reasonable reason, do not imitate this wrong practice.