Next-generation host “Conflict Day” confirmed the scheduled Nov.

Sony has mentioned more than once that the PS5 New Generation console will be available around Christmas, and recently rival Microsoft officially confirmed that the Xbox Series X console will be released in November. Just this week, Sony quietly opened a pre-order registration channel, although there is no clear date, but at least has given a signal that the PS5 host is ready.

The latest news from retailers is that the Sony PS5 console will go on sale in mid-November, possibly around Friday, November 13. Although the authenticity of this news is not officially confirmed, but combined with the rival Microsoft XSX product launch time and product price information, the credibility is still available.

In terms of price, recent news points out that the PS5 digital version is priced at $399, the PS5 Blu-ray drive version is priced at $499, that is, the start and seven years ago the PS4 is the same, if the news is true, Sony PS5 host RMB price may be, PS5 digital version (no optical drive) 2899 yuan, PS5 Blu-ray drive version 3299 yuan.

The Xbox Series dual console arrives on the battlefield and available November 10.

Meanwhile, a new report from WinCentral confirms that the Xbox Series dual console is scheduled to go on sale worldwide on November 10. Of these, Series X costs $499, Xbox All Access $35 a month, Series S $299 and Xbox All Access $25 a month.

The Xbox Series is priced exactly the same as the Xbox One mid-term remoded three years ago. The possible difference, however, is that Series S does not have an optical drive and can only run game content as a digital purchase. In terms of spec configuration, the Xbox Series X features an ITX PC-like chassis with a graphic floating-point performance of 12TF, the strongest in history, and surpasses the PS5. It positions the 4K 60FPS standard gaming experience and turns on 120FPS for a few games such as Halo: Infinity.

The much-watched Sony VS Microsoft console battle in 2020 is slowly kicking off, and now it’s the “warm-up period” on both sides of the two that’s actually starting the “dirty water” routine. At the Basement Radio Arcade podcast event, some game studio developers pointed out that the PS5 body’s variable frequency hardware settings led to poor development matching, warning that players might be disappointed with the experience of some games.

Developers blame the problem on the AMD SmartShift technology on which PS5 relies. According to AMD, SmartShift technology dynamically distributes system power, whether it’s playing games, editing videos, rendering 3D effects, authoring content, or working efficiently, to improve your device’s processing performance at any time, up to an additional performance boost of up to 14%.

Dusk Golem, another source who often gives a good account of The Gap, also points out that reaching a true 4K on the PS5 is a bit of a hassle, and that fake 4Ks can flood the screen, which Xbox Series X doesn’t have.

In fact, you can now set the two series of consoles, Xbox Series X obviously more performance, may be able to bring better third-party game play experience, but if you can not open the substantive gap, PS5’s exclusive game lineup can still occupy a greater advantage, players for the game, Sony’s studio performance stability, obviously stronger than Microsoft, but Microsoft has previously said, to re-integrate the game developer lineup, we and look back.

See here, then the problem comes, Sony and Microsoft, this time, which side are you on?