How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

Chips, chips or chips, recently because of chip technology blocking related topics have been hot. The Trump administration is considering whether to blacklist SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker, in an effort to crack down on Chinese companies, Reuters reported, citing sources. Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer business CEO, has also said that Huawei is unable to produce chips and that it is a lesson to design only in the process of globalization.

Yes, no domestic company can now take on the task of making high-end chips, why is it so difficult to make chips? Trace back to the roots or can not be separated from high-end photorescers.

What you may not know, however, is that the Netherlands, famous for its tulips, produces the world’s top photorescers. ASML in the Netherlands accounts for 80 per cent of the photorescer market, and its SUV photorescers sell for up to $100m a unit, and may not be available. Even the United States and Japan are not up to the level of Dutch technology on high-end photorescats. Why can’t we make high-end photorescathing machines in our country at present? How does ASML in the Netherlands do that?

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

Who is the Dutch ASML, why does the United States let it be bigger without sanctions?

It is well known that both Apple’s A14 chip and Huawei’s Kirin 9000 chip require TSMC foundry production, and the high-end chips used to make such high-end chips can not be separated from the ultraviolet (EUV) photolitheting machine, and currently only the Dutch ASML can provide a production of EUV photolitheting machine.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

Most people don’t know about ASML in the Netherlands, but you must have heard of the famous Philips, the predecessor of ASML. After Philips began to step into transistors and integrated circuits, CCDs and LOCOs were invented, laying the foundation for breakthroughs in transistors and integrated circuits.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

In 1984, when Philips was facing operational difficulties and had to implement large-scale layoffs, ASML was independent from Philips that year. As we all know, Philips’ home appliances, lighting products, in the industry are number one and two, its 100-year-old manufacturing genes in ASML has also been passed on, and ASML focused on the chip manufacturing industry, it quickly grew into a strong in the field.

Why does the U.S. let it be bigger without sanctions?

In fact, from the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, Japan’s Nikon, Canon photocatalyst technology is the world’s leading, ASML is also difficult to match. ASML knew that it was impossible to compete with Japanese lithroids on its own, so it teamed up with the world’s leading lithroid core component manufacturers to become assML’s corporate shareholders. This not only tied the interests together, but also behind the financial support.

At that time, the United States is also in the japanese semiconductor industry, because the United States photolithet manufacturers really do not have an advantage, after careful consideration, decided to support the same Western countries belong to the Dutch enterprise ASML, but the United States also put forward a request that at least 55% of the components in ASML equipment to purchase U.S. companies.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

As of January 2020, ASML equity structure U.S. companies accounted for a large proportion.

As a result, ASML has acquired a large number of native American photorescer research and development and production of talent, coupled with strong funding, in the field of photoreceric machines, the Netherlands ASML gradually began to become far ahead. By gathering the dominant resources in the global photorescater space, ASML has eliminated potential competitors and secured the dominance of the high-end photoresponsive market.

See here we also understand that the United States let it be big but not sanctions related to its own interests, after all, it will not be silly enough to lift a stone to hit their own feet.

No country in the world can manufacture high-end photoreshing machines entirely independently.

Some people say that technology is blocked, can’t we build it by our own technology? In fact, even Dutch ASML can’t build high-end photorescers on its own. Because this is not just by smashing money can be solved, it involves the global supply chain system, photoreshor machines such as precision instruments, the lack of any one components and links can not.

You know, a photoreshor can weigh up to 180 tons, internal parts up to 100,000, of which the main components from Europe and the United States dozens of developed countries. Dutch photorescats Germany offers ZEISS lens equipment, Japan offers special composites, Sweden offers industrial precision machine tools, the United States provides control software, and more.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

Up to 100,000 parts of a photorescat come from different countries.

A photorescer brings together the world’s top technologies, and no country can cover all the technology.

At present, the industry’s most advancedUV photolithing machine, the entire process of its manufacture needs mathematics, optics, fluid mechanics, polymer physics and chemistry, surface physics and chemistry, precision instruments, machinery, automation, software, image recognition and many other fields of top technology, and technology can not be separated from talent.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

ASML has its own system for retaining talent. The company is composed of the development of technology-oriented, management-oriented and project-oriented talent, of which the most important is technical talent, ASML will give technical personnel a great deal of say.

Unlike other technology companies, ASML does not allow managers to lead the company completely. The company’s chief technology officer can even be on a par with the CEO, such an organizational structure is rare across the industry, so we can see from the system as ASML’s value for technical talent.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

ASML’s organization chart.

With institutional protection, relevant practitioners can also concentrate on technological innovation, and such a virtuous circle will allow companies to gather more talent.

How did assmler dominance, which is far ahead of the photorescers industry, come about?

ASML talks about the future development of photoreshing technology.

Retain talent and create patents. Data show that ASML has already obtained 12,000 related patents for THEVs in 2019, more than Japan’s Nikon and Canon combined at the time. From talent management to the interest bundle of the global industrial chain, DUTCH ASML has slowly established itself as the dominant position in high-end photorescers.

High-end photoreschation machine is not a country can be built in a short period of time, because it brings together the world’s top technology and human intelligence. A foreign engineer once said, “I’ve adjusted a part for 10 years.” As a result, PETER Wennink, ASML’s president, has said that high-endUV lithinks can never be imitated by China, which has rules on intellectual property.

So, can China produce photorescats? Sources say that Shanghai Microelectronics, China’s strongest photoreceric maker, has broken through the 28nm lithum, although compared to the Dutch ASML high-end photorescer, we still have a big gap. But without 28nm, there can be no 5nm after opening. Most importantly, it is our completely independent study, the significance of which can be imagined.

written at the end.

The development path of ASML in the Netherlands has given us inspiration. First of all, technology is the first productivity, strength is the best voice. In the field of high-end photoreshoring machines, we need key technologies to do the benefit bundle, so that the industry can not be separated from us. That way we will have the leverage to negotiate.

ASML understands that benefits are tied through mechanisms to establish the most effective way to work together. So other companies like TSMC and Intel want to get priority supply rights, so they need to invest in ASML as customers first.

Second, the importance of talent is self-evident. In addition to training talents in this field, we also need to continuously increase the intensity of talent introduction, to do a good job in intellectual property protection, enterprise support and other initiatives, to create a good environment for talents to be obsessed with technical research.

Finally, it’s the money invested. The development of photolithelectors is too much money, at first ASML almost can not support, good in the Dutch government’s support, as well as Samsung, Intel, TSMC and other enterprises to invest, ASML has today’s status. Even now it’s number one, and it’s spending a lot of money on research and development every year. In 2019, they will spend $2 billion on research and development, accounting for 16.7 percent of revenue. So it’s not a contradiction that the world’s most profitable company invests first in research and development.

The technical blockade will not break us, we will remain open, no way back is the road to victory. Finally, we quote the recent fire drama “ordinary glory”, the hero Sun Yiqiu said: not to the end, know life and death.