Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 is released.

Google Chrome official version ushered in v85 second maintenance version released, the detailed version number v85.0.4183.102, the previous official version v85.0.4183.83 released on August 26, 14 days after Google released a new version of Chrome browser, this upgrade is mainly updated security and stability improvements and user experience.

Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 is released.

New version changes.

Chrome v85.0.4183.102 Stable Official (2020.9.9)

Google Chrome v85 is the main update, introducing Profile Guided Optimization (PGO), which increases page loading speed by an average of 10%, is a compiler optimization technique, and is even faster when the CPU runs many tabs or programs at the same time. Tabs have been improved and optimized to help visually prioritize themes or task labels, or even labels, and can be collapsed and expanded to make it easier to see tab groups that need access.

Google Chrome v84 is the main update, this version is mainly some developer tools and Web API updates. Users can start tasks in the application using App Icon Shortcuts, the Web Animations API adds support for many previously unsupported features, Wake Lock prevents the screen from darkening or locking, the Content Indexing API helps display what’s available offline, and the new experimental feature: idle detection. and Web Assembly SIMD, Same Site Cookie Policy starts updating again.

Google Chrome v83 official version of the main update, skip Chrome v82 to push Chrome v83 directly. Supports tab grouping, and when multiple tabs are turned on, you can right-click to organize different groupings and assign them different colors at any time. Trusted types help prevent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, new form elements, and new cross-domain policies.

Security fixes and rewards.

Chrome v85.0.4183.102, this update includes 5 security fixes.

($20,000) High CVE-2020-6573: Use after free in video. Reported by Leecraso and Guang Gong of 360 Alpha Lab working with 360 BugCloud on 2020-08-14.

($10,000) High CVE-2020-6574: Under policy enforcement in installer. Report by CodeColorist of Ant-Financial LightYear Labs on 2020-07-05.

($TBD) High CVE-2020-6575: Race in Mojo. Reported by Microsoft on 2020-05-12.

($TBD) High CVE-2020-6576: Use after free in offscreen canvas. Reported by Looben Yang on 2020-07-31.

($TBD) High CVE-2020-15959: Under policy enforcement in networking. Report by Eric Lawrence of Microsoft on 2020-08-27.

Download the address.

Offline installation package extraction native green version method:

Right-click to unzip the offline installation package, which will unzip out a chrome.7z.

Unzip chrome.7z again is the native green version!

The offline package does not include an online automatic update upgrade feature, so no update scheduling tasks are added, and there is no background update process, making it cleaner.

Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 Official offline installation package 64-bit.

Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 Official Offline Installation Pack 32-bit.

Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 Mac.

Google Chrome v85.0.4183.102 Official with online update upgrade. extract code: 36oz.