After India was banned, South Korea’s PUBG intends to take over PUBG’s Indian operations.

According tomedia reports, South Korean video game developer Blue Hole’s PUBG company issued a statement that the company has decided not to license THE PUBG mobile game (i.e., “chicken eating chicken” Mobile game) franchise in India to Tencent games, but instead the company itself bears all distribution responsibilities in India. The company added that it hoped to work with the Indian government to find a solution to the problem.

After India was banned, South Korea's PUBG intends to take over PUBG's Indian operations.

On September 2nd the Indian government banned 118 Chinese APPS under the pretext of privacy and national security, including PUBG MOBILE, the largest market outside China for PUBG MOBILE, with more than 50 million Indian players, according to Indian media reports. There is no doubt that PUBG is India’s most popular national Mobile game, and its popularity has redefined india’s gaming market, with Indian players saying goodbye to the game as PUBG MOBILE is banned.

On September 3rd Tencent said it would contact Indian regulators to ensure that several of its apps remained available in the Indian market, after India banned 118 Chinese APPS. Tencent said it would take user privacy and data protection seriously in response to India’s ban on Chinese apps.

However, the announcement issued today by the South Korean company PUBG seems to reflect Tencent’s contact with India, from the South Korean company’s announcement, the actual situation may not be smooth, otherwise PUBG will not withdraw the license in India.

After India was banned, South Korea's PUBG intends to take over PUBG's Indian operations.

And after PUBG MOBILE pulled out of the Indian market, the rapidly emerging market vacuum left Indian companies salivating.

Local game developers in India have been trying to make a successful “chicken-eating” game called Fearless And United: Guards (FAU:G), developed by nCore Games,media pricebaba reported. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and GOQii CEO Vishal Gondal announced the new game on Instagram.

It remains to be seen who will fill the gap in the eventual Indian chicken market and whether PUBG MOBILE will be able to reopen in India.