Official Announcement: Ultraman Joins Marvel’s New Film In 2020

At this week’s Tokyo Animation Show, Marvel announced a partnership with Japan’s Tsuburaya to bring new Ultraman filmand productions in 2020. Ultraman featurefilm is the company’s signature, in the hearts of a generation of Chinese teenagers also formed an indelible memory.

Since the beginning of Ultraman in 1966, there are now More Than N images of Zoffin, Severn, Jack, Ace, Tyro, Leo, Eddie, Deca, Gaia, Sega, etc., forming their own cosmic system.

Given Marvel’s proven experience in business operations, especially in ultra-British films, it may not only allow the Ultraman culture to continue, but also help Round Valley ease its financial position.

Official Announcement: Ultraman Joins Marvel's New Film 2020 See

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