Apple is applying the Apple Watch’s waterproofing technology to iPhones and iPads.

According tomedia reports, more Apple devices will get the same way as the Apple Watch through speakers to drain the water. Apple is also developing technology to evaporate moisture by heating. Apple cited silicone sealing in 2015 to make the iPhone water-resistant and began developing new sealing technologies in 2018. The second-generation Apple Watch first introduced drainage in 2016, and Apple is currently working on two new patents for active drainage.

“增加扬声器及传感器除湿组件“是其第一项专利,该项专利几乎建立在Apple Watch的防水技术基础上,与其高度相似,都是通过扬声器膜片震动来排出设备内部的水分。(如下图所示)

Apple is applying the Apple Watch's waterproofing technology to iPhones and iPads.

For the second patent, Apple’s solution is to use a gel cap to cover part of the device while deploying electrodes around it to record the presence of water by measuring the dielep constant between at least two electrodes, while the intervention of the heating element evaporates the moisture. Unlike the first, this patent relies primarily on dewatering rather than drainage. The patent is credited to five major inventors, including Matthew A. Donarski, who previously worked on patents related to speaker shock membranes.

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