11 yuan doorknob parts damage Tesla service center quote 14,000 yuan repair: the owner sent a message to remind the pit.

Domestic Tesla Model X, Model S, such as the existence of 70,800,000 yuan of imported models, also made Tesla into the luxury car brand. Although the interior of the vehicle, compared with traditional luxury cars such as the BPA, does not see the luxury characteristics. But judging by the owner’s message, you’ll know why the Tesla is a luxury car when it breaks down and is repaired.

In terms of maintenance costs, Mercedes-Benz BMWs, including Volvo, which had previously had a high zero-value ratio, are brothers in front of Tesla.

According to media reports, a Tesla Model S owner in Beijing, Ms. Jiang, recently found that the vehicle’s main vehicle hidden door handle can not pop out, went to the Tesla Service Center to inquire about repairs, the other side asked for 14,000 yuan.

Ms. Jiang introduced, this Model S main driving door handle is broken, can not eject on their own, each time to go to the car first from the inside to open the door, especially inconvenient.

Because this car bought earlier, in June this year has been insured.

Ms. Jiang called Tesla after-sales reply: after the insurance, repair the doorknob system, upgrade to the latest system, and then replace a set of total, estimated price of 3500 yuan / each, four doorknobs is 14,000 yuan.

11 yuan doorknob parts damage Tesla service center quote 14,000 yuan repair: the owner sent a message to remind the pit.

Because the door handle is broken can not eject this minor problem, you have to spend 14,000 yuan to replace the entire door handle. Does Tesla really think that the money of domestic car owners is blown by the wind?

Ms. Jiang said, “The offer received at that time was that it would cost 2,700 yuan to fix a doorknob, plus an additional 800 yuan for working hours.” “

Fixing four has to be multiplied by 4, so it’s finally calculated because the doorknob can’t pop up and needs to be repaired at your own expense of $14,000.

Ms. Jiang asked the Tesla Service Center if there was no other way to repair her car. Do I have to upgrade to the latest system and replace the entiree? The other party responded no, only new parts, repair must be upgraded.

Just as Ms. Jiang was worried, she saw a video online of a car owner repairing such a fault. Describes how to open the Model S door and the door handle does not eject, possibly a small part of it is damaged.

11 yuan doorknob parts damage Tesla service center quote 14,000 yuan repair: the owner sent a message to remind the pit.

Later, Ms. Jiang’s vehicle, which had been removed by her brother, found that it was indeed the small part that was broken. Ms. Jiang learned from the Tesla Service Center that the part sold for as little as $10.99 and was in stock.

After they replaced the part, the door handle failure was solved and there have been no problems so far.

11 yuan doorknob parts damage Tesla service center quote 14,000 yuan repair: the owner sent a message to remind the pit.

In this regard, Ms. Jiang said that maintenance personnel for the official sale, and the use and replacement of spot parts, is relatively clear, and the spot sufficient to show that this “door handle can not eject” problem, should be a more common fault.

But why the maintenance center is not willing to give her a solution, clearly can use 11 yuan parts to solve the problem, not to spend 14,000 yuan, upgrade the system, replace the entire door handle. It’s hard not to want to charge tesla owners a high-priced repair fee after the insurance.

At the same time, Ms. Jiang said angrily, “I couldn’t even believe the price, and checked it with the service center several times.” “

For this matter, Ms. Jiang in addition to the media to reflect, he also sent a message in a circle of friends to remind Tesla owners, avoid stepping on the pit, after the insurance as far as possible not to be after-sales service center to charge high maintenance fees.

In fact, ms. Jiang’s purchase of the Tesla Model S above is very topical, according to her June warranty, Tesla’s four-year warranty policy of 80,000 kilometers, the car is about Ms. Jiang bought in 2016.

At the time, Tesla’s Model S was priced at $708.9 million to $1.3393 million, subject to purchase tax. At present, the guide price of the current Model S has been reduced to 75.69-8569 million yuan, and there is no need to pay purchase tax.

The price of a new car has fallen by hundreds of thousands of yuan, which will also lead to a sharp drop in the second-hand price of older models. Therefore, this part of the second-hand car discount and purchase tax losses, those old car owners can only bear their own.

And previously spent high prices when Tesla’s “leeks”, but now also because of the vehicle insurance, need to pay a high price repair costs, and then by Tesla cut a hard, can only say that when the Tesla owner, it is really too difficult.