What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple announced last night that it would hold its autumn launch next Wednesday at 1 a.m. Beijing time with the theme “Time is up”, and while the iPhone 12 series may not be available yet, there are still products to look forward to, such as the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad.

In fact, Apple has been used to launching new iPhones and new Apple Watches at its fall launch since the past few years. But because the latter’s attention is not high, neither in the pre-explosion warm-up, or after the release of the topic fermentation and so on, there is no new iPhone as hot. As Apple increasingly tilts its focus toward wearables, apple Watches and AirPods are no longer seen as “iPhone accessories” in a single way, and greater independence has made them increasingly attractive to new and existing users.

So what’s to look forward to with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6?

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

After an ECG electro-electrogram of the Apple Watch Series 4, a fall detection, the Apple Watch Series 5’s global emergency call. The Apple Watch Series 6 will no doubt continue to “increase horsepower” in health monitoring.

Perhaps the most important of these is the “blood oxygen monitoring” function.

In medicine, heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and body temperature are considered the five most important health indicators that measure a person’s health.

The Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor is now able to measure the wearer’s heart rate more accurately, and the Apple Watch Series 4/5 can even monitor the wearer’s heart electrical signal with the addition of an electrode heart rate sensor, read the heart rate faster when the finger is placed on the digital crown, and generate an electroctogram in the ElectroCrystogram app (not currently supported in china).

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

For breathing rates, the Apple Watch also has a built-in Breath app to alert the wearer to deep breathing at the right time and helps the wearer adjust the breathing rate.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

As one of the five main health indicators, the importance of blood oxygen saturation (referred to as blood oxygen) is self-evident. This health indicator is primarily used to measure oxygen levels in red blood cells, and normal, healthy pulse oxygen counts are typically between 90% mid-range and 100%, while less than 90% are considered low and should be medically evaluated by medical professionals.

Because low oxygen saturation is an important characteristic of pneumonia (including general pneumonia and viral pneumonia) that distinguishes it from the common cold. Therefore, after the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, blood oxygen saturation detection has also become a public concern.

The traditional method of measuring blood oxygen saturation is not only to take blood first, but also to use special blood gas analyzer for electrochemical analysis, and the measurement difficulty and threshold are relatively high. But the most common way to measure oxygen saturation on the market now is to use optical sensors, which are very close to the optical heart rate sensors that Apple Watch is equipped with.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

So when the first Apple Watch was launched, the disassembler iFixit found that the optical heart rate sensor actually had the ability to monitor blood oxygen, but Apple may not have actually enabled it out of concerns about data accuracy or regulatory concerns.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

However, in iOS 14’s code, developers have discovered code related to blood oxygen monitoring and support the same “blood oxygen notification” feature as heart rate notifications, such as notifications when Apple Watch monitors that the wearer’s oxygen saturation is below a certain threshold.

As more sensors join the Apple Watch, monitoring and alerting of various types of health data becomes more accurate, and even bold speculation that Apple might introduce a third-generation optical heart rate sensor to the Apple Watch Series 6 for better oxygen monitoring.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 6 may also feature a slightly larger battery with a slightly larger capacity of 303mAh (18-hour battery life) from the previous generation, an improvement that should have a difficult impact on battery life and, more importantly, processor power control.

Last year’s Evergreen feature became the power killer of the Apple Watch Series 5, and if Apple plans to keep it on the Apple Watch 6 this year, but it’s hard to make improvements in power consumption, It might be the first feature many users turn off.

As usual, this year’s Apple Watch Series 6 is likely to feature a new S6 processor and W4 wireless chip, with further improvements expected.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

As for the possible change in appearance of the Apple Watch Series 6, I personally don’t really expect much. On the one hand, the full-screen model identified by the previous year’s Apple Watch Series 4 is basically the “ultimate shape” of the square Apple Watch, with minor adjustments such as a reduced border and a change in the shape of the box, most likely a narrower border.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

In addition to the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple is likely to launch a slightly lower-positioning Apple Watch to grab the mid-market, which Bloomberg believes will be a successor to Apple Watch Series 3 to compete with low- and mid-range smartwatches/bracelets such as Fitbit.

Global smartwatch shipments rose 12 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of this year, with Apple Watch leading the list with 2.5 million units shipped and a 36 percent market share, according to a June report by Canalys, a research firm. But compared with the same period last year, Apple’s advantage is shrinking. Apple Watch shipments fell 13% in the first quarter from a year earlier. In contrast, Huawei’s shipments grew by 113% and Samsung’s by 46%. Apple Watch’s market share is being eroded by Huawei and Samsung.

According to data from third-party e-commerce platforms, Huawei (including Glory) and Samsung’s popular smartwatch models sell for more than 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, compared with more than 3,000 yuan for the new Apple Watch each year.

So when Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 5 last year, it was the right thing to do to take the Apple Watch Series 4 off the shelves and keep the Apple Watch Series 3, not only to make way for new products, but also not to lose the middle and low end of the market, after all, the Apple Watch Series 3 sells for less than $1,500 and is still competitive in the market.

What are some areas to look forward to about Apple Watch Series 6?

But it may not be realistic for Apple to keep the Apple Watch Series 3, since the device’s S3 processor was already a product of three years ago and could be slowed down by the new system.

So I think Apple might introduce an Apple Watch Series 3 design, but the processor upgrade to the S5 or even the S6 to meet the needs of the mid-to-low end of the market, because the iPhone SE2 is using this strategy, after a “core”, coupled with reasonable pricing, and eventually become the market’s fragrance.