Microsoft’s Xbox series, the Xbox and S series, will go on pre-sale on September 22.

After more than a year of previews and Microsoft’s gradual announcement, the company has finally announced exactly when it can pre-order its flagship Xbox Series X, as well as the newly announced Xbox Series S. The company yesterday announced the price of the Xbox Series S, making it clear the final price for both models, with the high-end Series X costing $499, $200 more than the $299 Xbox Series S, with pre-orders starting september 22 and november 10 as the launch date.

That’s not all, because Xbox All Access can be used in 12 countries. Starting at $24.99 a month, users can get a next-generation Xbox console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a down payment of $14.99 and then pays $10 a month for an Xbox Series S. Obviously, the Xbox Series X will cost a little more ($34.99 a month). In addition, EA Play is now available with Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Series X is clearly the flagship product of the series, offering features such as real 4K games, while the S-Series promises to run 1440p games without a Blu-ray drive. But they all have ray-tracing capabilities and support features such as Microsoft’s new Smart Delivery, which gives players the version of the game that works best for your console. For example, if a user has already purchased a game like Halo Infinity, the system automatically upgrades to the next-generation version after upgrading to Xbox Series X.

In addition to launching pre-sale on September 22, Microsoft also said the PC’s Game Pass and Xbox apps will finally be available on September 17.

Microsoft's Xbox series, the Xbox and S series, will go on pre-sale on September 22.