Stadia users’ biggest problem right now: Games are too expensive

Some foreign players have spoken out for the first time after experiencing Stadia, saying that the main problem is that the game on Stadia is too expensive. Here’s the full text of the article: After a long installation and waiting for the activation code process, the author finally played Stadia around midnight yesterday, which is already a lucky one.

The author has a three-month Sedia Pro free usage period, so i can play Destiny 2 and Soul. Overall, it’s still surprisingly smooth, with input delays of around 200ms acceptable, essentially fulfilling Google’s previous promises. So the author looked at Stadia’s mall with curiosity and there was nothing worth buying.

But looking out, there’s little worth buying. It’s all expensive old games and an exclusive game.

Stadia users' biggest problem right now: Games are too expensive

Stadia Pro users enjoy discounts when buying games such as Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Mortal Kombat11. But even after discounting the price is higher than other platforms. Final Fantasy 15 is also on the “discount” label, with a discount of 26 pounds – but no other platform now sells Final Fantasy 15 for more than 20 pounds.

If you’re not a Stadia Pro member, the price of a game list will be even crazier.

The Giant 2 Super Motorhome Race sells for as much as 55 pounds, while the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition is as high as 80 pounds, and while it’s a new game that recently landed on a PC, it’s still pretty unreasonable, and there’s no such high price anywhere.

Even more incredible is that such an expensive price you can not actually buy the game body, also can not buy installation package data, can only buy the right to use. According to our previous common sense, the cost of physical games is a little higher, the price is also a little higher, but the advantage is that you can sell second-hand. Digital games are much cheaper and cheaper, but they can’t sell second-hand. Now that the cloud game is around, it seems to have its own unique pricing standards. Perhaps their servers are expensive to run, but from the user’s point of view, there’s no reason for such a high price.

So the author has not yet bought any games in the Stadia Mall, perhaps more exclusive works in the future can add some persuasivepower, but the only exclusive game “Gylt” is not particularly attractive.

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