Huawei’s flagship tablet MatePad Pro comes with a new stylus: write the next legend

Tomorrow, November 25, Huawei will unveil the new tablet MatePad Pro, which it claims will “reconstruct creativity”, Huawei’s first Tablet named after Mate, apparently in the flagship, the label Apple iPad Pro. According to Huawei’s previous forecast, the MatePad Pro will be designed with a hole-in-the-hole screen and a narrow bezel around it, with a screen ratio of more than 90% and support for multi-screen co-operation.

With the final day to go before the official release, Huawei has released its final warm-up, first reviewing the history of reed pens, brushes, goose brushes, pens and other writing styles, and finally unveiling the MatePad Pro with a stylus, claiming to write the next legend.

Huawei M-Series tablet, Mate 20 X/Mate 30 and other mobile phones have previously supported the M-Pen styling, 4096 pressure sense, and this preview in the shape seems to be different from the past, obviously the function will be greatly upgraded, matching the MatePad Pro top position.

From the current indications, the MatePad Pro screen is expected to be 10-12 inches, and is expected to be powered by a Kirin 990 flagship processor, up to 8GB of memory, 512GB of storage, and a magnetic suction keyboard.

According to IDC, Huawei’s tablet shipments accounted for 37.4% of the market share in the third quarter of this year, surpassing Apple as the number one player.

Huawei's flagship tablet MatePad Pro comes with a new stylus: write the next legend

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