Koalas or face functional extinction, fires burn 80% of habitat

Recently, according tomedia reports, Australia’s nearly two-month fire destroyed 80 percent of the koala’s natural habitat, at least a thousand koalas buried in the sea of fire, coupled with the difficulty of natural habitat restoration, lovely koalas are facing functional extinction. Reported that since Australia entered the wildfire season, the fire area has exceeded millions of hectares, the current wildfires are still raging. Bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland are estimated to have destroyed 80 per cent of koalas’ natural habitats, with experts saying koalas may face functional extinction.

Functional extinction refers to the decline of species to a natural state basically lost the ability to sustain reproduction, or even the ability to survive.

“If the total is estimated, nearly a thousand koalas could have died in bushfires in the past two months,” said the president of the Australian Koala Foundation. “

Koalas or face functional extinction, fires burn 80% of habitat

Deborah Tabart, president of the Koala Foundation, said koalas were facing functional extinction because of the high number of deaths and the difficulty of habitat restoration.

The Koala Foundation is calling on the government to enact koala protection laws, and koala hospitals have raised $1.146 million to build safe habitats for koalas and install drinking water stations in areas devastated by wildfires.

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