Google Chrome starts allowing mouse to delete suggestions in address bar

To remove unwanted suggestions from the Google Chrome address bar, you’ll usually need to use the Shift-Del shortcut on your keyboard, which is no longer needed for future versions of Chrome because you can use mouse action instead.

Address bar recommendations are difficult to eliminate issues related to privacy, removing search suggestions inconvenient and not intuitive issues as early as several years ago users complained to the development team about this matter.

Chrome engineer Peter Kasting says two methods have been prepared to clean up the browser’s search proposals: the X-off button that appears on the right side of the suggestion or right-click the call-out context menu on the trash can icon.

Google Chrome开始允许使用鼠标删除地址栏中的建议Google Chrome开始允许使用鼠标删除地址栏中的建议

If you want to try out this new feature:

1. Make sure you’re using the latest Chrome Canary 80.0.3951.0 or later

2. Visit the chrome://flags page and search for “transparency” in the highlighted results to get “improves the transparency and control over Omnibox citys”,

3. Select Enable and restart your browser.

Officials described the feature as “increasing the transparency and control of Omnibox’s recommendations.”

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