5G Development falls behind China, South Korea: Japan Targets “Post-5G” Technology

Japanese media said the Japanese government will set up a total of 220 billion yen to promote the development of “post-5G” technology to fund research and development by Japanese companies. Japanese companies lag behind Chinese and South Korean companies in the 5G technology development competition, the Japan Economic News website reported on November 22.

In order to support the development of private enterprises, the Japanese government will set up a 220 billion yen fund in the “New Energy and Industrial Technology Integrated Development Agency”, which will cooperate with industries such as semiconductors and information and communication in addition to semiconductors and information communications in the three to five years from 2020. We will step up the development of state-of-the-art semiconductors and the development of related systems.

It was also reported that in March this year, Japan announced cooperation with European production officials to launch a “post-5G” joint study. “The back 5G” will reach more than 1000 times the current popularity of 4G, a Blu-ray HD movie can be sent and received in 2 seconds.

The research team challenged the development of a post-5G post-communication standard, the “post-5G”, a technology specifically for wireless communication with a 300 GHz band. “Post 5G” information volume will reach 5G of the 28 ghz band more than 10 times.

The team predicts that the “post-5G” will be achieved in the 1930s.

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