Intel 10nm graphics card Milestone: Internal Testing Completed, External Verification Coming

At this week’s Q3 earnings conference, Intel CEO Bob Swan revealed that Intel Xe has reached an important milestone. There is widespread speculation that this suggests that Xe has completed early validation work, ended the development of the in-house lab phase, and moved to external validation.

Intel 10nm独显迈入里程碑:内部测试完毕、即将外部验证

According to previous information, Intel’s first video card DG1, for the data center, is expected to 96 EU units, low-power process, performance is not particularly bright.

Subsequent game graphics cards are likely to correspond to the RX 470/480 level.

At the same time, the financial report meeting, The Company also introduced that Intel 7nm is on a benign track and will land in 10nm two years later, in 2021, the first product is also a data center-oriented discrete graphics card.

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