CDC reports another E. coli outbreak linked to lettuce

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported another E. coli outbreak linked to long-leaf lettuce,media Slash Gear reported. The agency warned the public to avoid long-leafed lettuce originating in the Salinas, California, area, to avoid the disease. As of November 22, the agency had been aware of 40 reported cases of E. coli in 16 states, including 28 hospitalizations. Another lettuce recall has begun.

CDC reports another E. coli outbreak linked to lettuce

The CDC says all lettuce varieties from Salinas, California, should be discarded. The agency noted that most lettuce products include labels indicating where the lettuce is produced. The recalled products include long-leaf lettuce, pre-cut salads (including long-leaf lettuce in Salinas) and more.

The CDC cautions consumers that premixed salad products may contain lettuce. It is important to check the labels and make sure that there are no risky lettuces. The CDC says the risk of E. coli is very high and products that do not contain information about the origin of lettuce should be discarded as a precautionary measure.

Missa Bay LLC recalled some salad products as part of the E. coli outbreak because of their risk of contamination, the CDC said. But even if sold under other brands, consumers should avoid all long-leaf lettuce from Salinas, the agency said. As for the recall itself, these products have a “life span” from October 29 to November 1 and are marked with a USDA inspection label with “EST.” 18502B. “

Currently, five of the 28 hospitalized patients develop a condition called hemolytic uremia syndrome, the CDC said. Officials have not identified the supplierororor or grower behind the contaminated lettuce, but are still investigating to gather more information.

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