Tesla electric pickup orders for 187,000 vehicles in two days, slightly less than that year’s Model 3

November 25 (UPI) — Electric car maker Tesla has received a total of 187,000 orders and potential revenue of $1.6 billion in the two days since it unveiled its first electric pickup truck, Cybertruck,media reported.

Tesla electric pickup orders for 187,000 vehicles in two days, slightly less than that year's Model 3

On the first day of Tesla’s cybertruck launch, its chief executive, Elon Musk, announced that it had received orders for 146,000 CyberTruck vehicles that day. The next day, Tesla received another 41,000 orders, bringing the total to 187,000.

On the first day of acceptance, 42% of customers chose the dual-motor version of CyberTruck, 41% of the three-motor version and 17% single-motor version. In the latest scheduled update, Musk confirmed that most buyers still opt for dual and three-motor configurations, while the number of buyers who choose the co-op Base CyberTruck is relatively small.

By simple count, the potential revenue for all orders is currently about $1.6 billion. Musk also warned that the pre-orders “have no ads and no paid endorsements.”

Of course, not every order is successfully converted into a trade. Many people may quit because the deposit is not high ($100) and is refundable. Some people just booked the pickup in the hope of getting the car in advance, or just out of curiosity.

Tesla often shares the number of new car bookings, such as its Model 3, with a ten-fold deposit ($1,000) for CyberTruck, but the car has 180,000 bookings in a day of release.

Still, the pre-orders of Tesla Cybertruck are still staggering. Even if all customers eventually opted to refund the deposit, Tesla received $18.7 million in short-term loans from them. (Small)

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