Documentary “Santa Subito” Wins Rome Film Festival Award

The documentary about girls “Santa Subito”, by Roman filmmaker Alessandro Piva, was chosen by the audience at the closing ceremony on Saturday as the winner of the People’s Choice Award: director Piva accidentally heard a real thing from his sister, shocked by his determination to shoot it on camera.

The protagonist of the story is Santa Scorese, who has just entered college, with a desire for life and faith, to record life insights in her diary – one who is able to glimpse her spiritual world after her death.


Scorse was unfortunately caught up in a mentally ill paranoia who had been pestering her all day and repeatedly failing to call the police. In Italy in the 1980s, no law had been enacted against tailspins and similar harassment, and Scorese and his family had no way of doing so. The paranoid man said that if Scorese gave up her faith, she would be spared.

In her diary, Scorese says she chose to stick to her faith, even if it was unexpected. On March 16, 1991, Scorese met the man who was guarding the door, who stabbed her 13 times, and her last words were to forgive the murderer who took her own life. After His death, Scorese was declared “the servant of God” by the Catholic Church.

In his acceptance speech, director Piva said the film was meant to speak to Scorese’s family and to work with Scorese’s friends and family to imagine what it would be like if Scorese were alive. The director dedicated the film to those who stood up and stood up for it, even if it suffered heavy losses and heavy losses.


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